A freezing, nostalgic wind breezes through the classroom from the open window. The leaves that were carried away talked to him, but he just wouldn’t listen. His body is there but his mind still wanders way too distant from where he is, embracing a sudden surge of imagery from the past.

While his eyes closed, he took three steps forward and already felt like retreating. The setting sun tainted the still-written words on the blackboard an orange glow. “Cry. Forgive. Learn. Move on. Let your tears water the seeds of your future happiness.” As he gently re-opens his eyes, the truth became more apparent to him: nothing will ever be the same again. The scent of memories scattered around is too much for him to bare and as he planned on running away from it again, before he could even twitch a muscle, there is a pat on the back. He almost forgot that Keiko was with him all this time as his body continues to struggle to adapt to what lies before him.

“Is everything alright?” she asks him with worried eyes but somewhat stern voice.

“I can’t believe we’re really coming to this point. I know it makes no sense to look back now but what can you do when you’re presented with this? It’s everyone’s burden, I’m sure.”

“I know this isn’t the end of it. I’m…” she hesitated a bit. Then continues, “…fairly positive.”

“How… how can you remain calm despite all these?” He then turns around to look at her but she seemed more devastated than him that he immediately hugged her tight. Tight as you would hold a hand of a man with half his body off of a cliff.



I’m Not Dead. Yet.

It’s been a really tough couple of weeks for me and the outlook isn’t any brighter. I’d be hard-pressed to admit that I didn’t have the time. 

Inspiration? Maybe. In any case, I just hope the light shines down on me again. Someday. 

I will wait. 

Of pen and paper

When was the last time you wrote someone a handwritten letter?

First of all, this is, and will continue to be, an interesting question for a very long time.

I have nothing against digital/handwritten letters, but practically speaking, you wouldn’t write someone a handwritten letter if you get a chance to do it electronically. If you do, it’s either that you’re nostalgic or that person is extremely special to you.

I’ve always thought of writing using pen and paper as a way to connect to myself. These days, I couldn’t even distinguish my handwriting anymore because of excessive use of a computer! Yes, it brings back lots of memories, but at the same time, I had to accept that things do change. Don’t get me wrong – I’ve always wanted to write using pen and paper, but what am I supposed to do that when editing and proofreading is too damn easy on a word processor?

Back to the question though, the last time I wrote to someone a handwritten letter was 6 six years ago, back in 4th year senior high.

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Just a thought

In millennia long past, men have told tales of valor, honor, justice, glory, and love in glyphs, inscriptions, and eventually, in the most common form today – paper. Or is it still the most common form of tale-telling?

The game is storytelling and the age is information – an era where versions, models, and everything that is supposed to be latest, is never meant to last long. This is the offspring of the marriage between innovation and technology. What you’re using to read this article right now? It’s going to be obsolete in 10 years, I wager.

In writing, the Internet is your publisher (well, this is arguable if you want to monetize). You have any ideas? Share it on Facebook. Want to share an experience, why not Tweet it? Bursting with inspiration that you can’t contain it, why not post in your blog? What I’m trying to get here is that all the tools are already right in front of us! There is no reason for us not to do it. In just seconds, the information we just shared will reach a billion people with just a click of a button.

Getting messages across has never been this convenient. Back then, if you want your stories shared among the people of various continents, you will have to wait until it reaches their shores physically; but physical is a word that is getting less and less used these days. Digital? It’s taking on the other route.

In a way, I’m writing this post to share how art ties the knot with science; how the left brain clings together with the right; how the evening darkness is needed to fully appreciate the beauty of sunrise. In the case of storytelling, technology has played its part much like how a telegraph evolved into mobile phones. Now, we have audio books, E-books, blogs, and fanfic sites as means to disseminate our content in very creative ways and into more people than we can imagine. Thanks to the Internet, we are not only building our own name, but our very own network as well. From the ground up! For free!* And the greatest thing is that the only thing that limits us to do so much more – is time.

So if your heart is burning with desire to share, type (I would have written “write” instead, you know).

* – Or for a very small fee.

If you’re wondering what this is all of a sudden, well, it’s just something I wrote to hype myself up. A much-needed self-push, I guess.

Happy Birthday, ~Hanamuke!

It has been a very disappointing year by my standards. Not only does the quantity of posts decreased, but so as the quality. This is quite a problem. I can’t believe I’m having a hard time to think of a post when about 3 to 4 years ago, I would easily find time and a topic to rant about.

Anyway, what’s done is done. Let’s just get back up on our feet and welcome an encouraging 2012. More music, more anime, and more life experiences could all be translated to writings. I’m looking forward to the rejuvenation! 🙂

Happy 4th birthday to my blog. Thanks for always being there! Cheers!

My blog’s birthday is actually December 5, 2007. Soooo, yeah, I’m a little late. XD