Manami’s『 with… 』Live

Skip to 03:15 if you want to listen to the song only. I believe this is the live appearance on 渡辺マナミpresents『歌百花−第一夜-』last May 6 at 吉祥寺STAR PINE’S CAFE. (Not sure about this, if somebody can correct or confirm this please, I would appreciate it.)

I must say though, she really, really, REALLY must release more songs. ( ̄个 ̄)

Manami releases new single!

It’s been a long while since I’ve heard anything from Dewa or Manami – so I think it’s time to know some news about them.

As for Manami Watanabe, I believe she has already released a new single with titles 深海 and 恋ほたる which is available somewhere in the region of ¥ 2300 to ¥ 2500 (album art shown above). She also had a show entitled 歌百花−第一夜- last May 6. And no longer than 24 hours from now, she will have a live appearance on 初夏のニュース from 18:30 to 19:00 local time (I believe her single will be sold on the event as well). As a sample for her new singles, here are the clips:

Damn, I still get chills from this. \(*T▽T*)/ I can never forget Manami’s voice or any of Jyukai’s music for that matter. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

Aside from this one, she’s also writing songs for other Japanese artists. Let’s all support her! (≧∇≦)/ Follow her on Twitter or through her website.

On the other hand, Yoshiaki Dewa’s been doing some composing of his own as well! Follow him on Twitter and listen to one of his signature compositions. Just amazing! ヾ(@゜▽゜@)ノ

Blue Vibration/Kaze no Kioku

The new single debut album of Aimmy will release September 24 (I think) entitled Blue Vibration/Kaze to Kioku ~To The End of the World~. Check it out. n_n

Also, released is the new PV for ブルーバイブレーション (Blue Vibration). Those moves, looks, in guitar strums Manami. O.o You’re awesome! n_n

Aimmy’s Official Site

Aimmy with a guitar and that pose O.o

Aimmy with a guitar and that pose O.o

This is majestic. Can’t wait to see the full version PV of Kaze no Kioku ~To The End of the World~. Wooo. n_n

Click here to transfer to Aimmy’s Official Site. n_n

Err, can somebody tell me the title of the PV in the site. Thanks. Very much appreciated. ^-^

Confirmation for Aimmy

Taken from Tokyograph (Natalie news):

Manami, the vocalist of pop band Jyukai, is officially starting solo activities under the name of Aimmy (derived from a variation on the reading of her name). She plans to release her first single, currently untitled, at the end of September.

The single will include the song “Kaze no Kioku ~to the end of the world~,” which she sang as the ending theme to the “World Destruction” anime series that started last month.

Finally, a date when the single will be released. I can’t wait! Waiting for the end of September is like waiting for eternity. Gawd… I’m so excited… n_n

Here’s the World Destruction ED: Kaze no Kioku by Aimmy. n_n

Jyukai Anime Expo 2k8 Experience

This one is taken from their official blog:

To all fan and staff,

It’s almost been three weeks since we performed at
Anime Expo and how are
you guys doing?
Well, we just can’t calm ourselves down from the
excitement we had few weeks
We’re not exhausted, but instead, we’re motivated
and started on working on
our next project.

Before we flew to US, we were unsure how everyone at
Anime Expo would react
to us, or if our music will ever touch people’s
Everything was new to us. we had mixed feelings of
both being excited and
anxious at the same time.

You don’t know how much we were touched when we
heard you guys cheering out
loud as the show started.
Without all the beautiful audiences like you guys,
we couldn’t have put on a
wonderful show.
We had so much fun meeting each and everyone of you
at the autograph
sessions and we really had a great time at the panel
We are so grateful to music which brought us
together across the boundaries.

As many of you have asked us to come back for more
gigs, we definitely hope
to do so whenever we have an opportunity.
Last but not least, we also want to thank our staff
who have supported us.

What a terrific experience this had been for us.
We’ll never forget the moments we had with you at
Anime Expo.

Thank you from bottom of our hearts.

Take care.

from Manami and Yoshiaki Dewa.

What I can say: I am really glad that you were that excited and fulfilled after your tour and hopefully, it does motivate you to release new singles as there are lots out there waiting for more to arrive. ^^,

It is really impressive how your music crosses geographical and linguistic boundaries because Jyukai’s music really is heart-touching and really soulful. We hope you continue to provide us your best. ^^,

This one’s taken from J-Music Ignited:

Thank you for this interview. This is your first time at Anime Expo. How has your experience been so far?

Manami: It’s our first time here. I’m really surprised by the turnout. The cosplay is very kawaii. I wish I brought a costume too.

What has been your most memorable experience so far?

Manami: Of course at the live, we were worried, but when we saw everyone we felt much better. They had a lot of energy that helped us perform.

At the concert, the fans seemed very receptive to your performance. What type of reaction have you personally received from these fans?

Manami: Throughout the autograph sessions we were surprised and pleased by the turn out. Many wrote Japanese messages. We are surprised by how many fans knew who we were and came to see us.

Many of your songs have been featured in animes like Ah! My Goddess. What process did you go through to enter the anime industry?

Manami: The label, Geneon, that releases our music is very into the anime genre and gave us the opportunity. At the time, we weren’t aware of the anime scene.

In the future, do you think you will continue to feature your songs in animes?

Manami: Of course. If there’s a chance, we’d like to participate in anime music.

In Japan, many famous artists are now featured on anime songs. What do you think about this?

Manami:There are many artists that work in anime titles like Shokotan who’s an idol, and many mainstream artists. They are still able to maintain their identity while doing this at the same time.

As a musician, what are the most important things to consider when creating a song?

Dewa: I prefer to make music that can move myself as well. So if it still moves me after a week, it is good.

Are your families supportive of your musical careers?

Manami: Dewa’s family runs a music store and his dad and brother are musicians. I come from a very normal family, but they’re supportive of me.

Dewa, you have mentioned that X-Japan? was a major inspiration. What was it about their music that interested you?

Dewa: I like their fast songs and there’s a difference between their ballads and upbeat songs. The ballads are very emotional and upbeat songs have a good tempo. The difference between the two brings out different aspects of the band’s character.

Besides Jyukai, have you been involved in any other bands?

Dewa: I have been in four different bands that played different genres.

If you could collaborate with any other group or artist, who would you choose?

Manami: I’d like to work with Sailor Moon. I’d like to play a guitar and sing with Sailor Moon.

Dewa: Yoshiki from X-Japan!

What advice could you give to aspiring musicians?

Manami: More some than whether they are good or not, it’s about the person and their personality. If they experience or have something in their life that they can bring out, that’s what is most important.

Dewa: For guitarist, live with your guitar, sleep with your guitar, and you’ll succeed. In high school I slept with my guitar every night.

What are your plans for Jyukai in the future?

Manami: Being able to come to the United States was a great experience. We want to go international and perform outside of Japan. I also want to study English more and perhaps sing some English songs.

Do you have a final message to send to your fans?

Manami: We are moved very much by the fans out here and hope to come back in the future. We are grateful for all of the support for the band.

My thoughts: I would like to personally quote Dewa on this: “if it still moves me after a week, then it’s good.” OMG! I super agree!!! Now that’s what I’ve been looking for a music. Even though I’ve been listening to their songs for more than a year now, I’m still touched by the melody, the music, and the lyrics. Amazing…

And this quote’s taken from Manami: “More some than whether they are good or not, it’s about the person and their personality. If they experience or have something in their life that they can bring out, that’s what is most important.” OMG again! That inspired me a lot! Exact thoughts! Music definitely should be coming from the heart and not from the mind (that’s what I think), and it is, because of this, that makes Jyukai’s music pierce through anyone’s hearts. ^^,

Jyukai with J-Music Interviewers

Jyukai with J-Music Interviewers

This one’s taken from The-O Network Online:

T-ono: How was performing at Anime Expo?

Jyukai: Before the concert started, we were very nervous about the crowd’s reaction. The audience’s loud cheers made us very happy and relieved.

T-ono: What are your future goals (duets, tours, and singles)?

Jyukai: Jyukai works as a duo and go solo (in the future). We will always be together, just separate work.
In the near future, we might release a few singles of our own work, but Jyukai has always been a duo since the beginning and will always be.

T-ono: What did you guys do before you met each other?

Manami: I was a regular high school girl that had no relationship with music.

Dewa: I started playing music in middle school.  During middle school, I have established many bands.  Eventually the band, Jyukai, was formed.

T-ono: How did you know that you wanted to do music for a career?

Manami: I was always influenced with music ever since kindergarten and elementary school, but a music career never came up in my mind.  From high school, I thought about what I wanted to do in the future, but I could not see myself as a hair stylist.  Instead I found that I had more passion for music than anything else.

Dewa: At first I hated music because I was forced to learn the piano as a kid.  Learning the piano resembles a girly thing, but X Japan persuaded me to love music.  I went to an X Japan concert one day and fell in love with their music.  Their type of music influenced me to be in the music industry.

T-ono: How were you discovered by your label record?

An agency found us when we were composing music. The agency introduced us to Geneon and hence the present agency.

ImageT-ono: What is your personal favorite song (out of your own songs)?  Why?

Manami: That’s hard to say because each song held different feelings for me.  If I had to choose one, the best song would be Hoshi Akari.  Hoshi Akari is my favorite because it was made for the fans.  Without the fans, Jyukai would not have existed.  So, the music was made for the fans to show her gratitude.

Dewa: My personal favorite is Anata ga Ita Mori.  Before our debut song, there were many others that were unheard, but Anata ga Ita Mori was the first.  There were a lot of emotions put into the song because it was the first song that went to the fans.

T-ono: What music artists do you listen to (in any language: English, Japanese, etc)?

Manami: When I listen to music I listen to the lyrics instead of the beats, but I listen to mainly Japanese rock singers.  I listened to Shiina Ringo a lot because she influenced me a lot in my music.

Dewa: Sixpence None the Richer.  The singer is number one.

Manami: What about me?

Dewa: You’re number two.

T-ono: Which promotional video (PV) was your favorite to film and why?

Manami: The most memorable was my second single song because it was filmed in Los Angeles.  During the filming, a lot of problems have occurred that made it frustrating, but in the end the promotional video came out great.

Dewa: In the majority of the promotional videos, I am only seen about a third of it.  Sakasete wa Ikenai Hana was my favorite video to film because the vibe was very deep and the video had a worldly effect – it has its own world.

T-ono: What is your favorite anime?

Manami: I love Sailormoon the most.   Ever since I was young, my friends and I would role-play as sailormoon characters and I always ended up being Sailor Jupiter.

Dewa: My favorite anime is Dragonball.  To be exact, I love the third comic book where everyone trained and illustrated how everyone gained their own strength.  I read it many times.  [laughing].

Alice: What do you like most about USA?

Manami: If I had to pick one, I would say the dry and clear skies.  In Japan, the humidity is very high.  (I think they mention about how the weather affected their body and health??)

Dewa: I like the people the most because they are friendly and open.  We can get along with them very easily, whereas in Japan, people tend to keep to themselves more.

ImageT-ono: What were your inspirations in music?

Manami: I was deeply influenced by rock music.  It is like the female rocks singer’s power.

Dewa: Classical music inspired me the most because it never gets old and I learn new things every time.

T-ono: What was your favorite concert that you’ve attended?

Manami: L’Arc En Ciel was the best!

Alice: They’re one of my favorite bands too.

Manami: Oh, you and I are very much alike! We have so many things in common [laughing].

Dewa: X-Japan concert that happened the first time in March of this year.

T-ono: In recent years, there has been an explosion of Japanese artists discovered or becoming popular from anime music.  Can you comment on this recent trend?

Manami: I feel that there is a downside with music.  It’s hard to pull out music that’s not related to anime, but we hope that we can incorporate anime music with others.  We don’t want to be famous because of the anime music we sang.  Even though we sang anime music, we are still Jyukai.  Nothing is going to change, we still have our own style of music.  I hope that together with anime and bands that we can help each other giving the music a boost.

Dewa: Before coming to the United States, I didn’t realize that anime made a huge difference.  I always felt that Japan was the ones that bought over anime.

T-ono: Thank you very much and we hope you enjoy the rest of your stay.

Jyukai: Thank you.

My thoughts: And I quote again from Manami: “When I listen to music I listen to the lyrics instead of the beats” This is so true. No wonder your lyrics were very endearing and eternal. Very beautiful. ^^,

If you’ll ask me what’s my favorite song(s) if I were to pick my most favorite ones among them all, I think it will be Shintouka from their album Harvest. I really like it the most because it possesses such emotion with the composition, the arrangement, the melody and the tempo, the lyrics, the voice, the everything. You have to hear it. Really magnificent, heart-captivating song. ^^, I can listen to it the whole day and I will still be amazed by this great song.

Download their interview and thank you video HERE.

Interview Translation Taken from The-O Network Online

Manami: Hello everyone
Dewa: Hello
Manami: Nice to meet you, this is Jyukai. I am the vocalist Manami.
Dewa: I am the guitarist Dewa Yoshiaki.
Manami: This is the second time we’re in America. No matter how many times we come to this city, it is a wonderful place. We would like to spread more and more of Jyukai’s music to this city, and to this country. So I hope that everyone listens to more of our music. One, two…
Both: America is AWESOME!
Manami: yay, bye bye!

Arigatou gozaimasu Jyukai.

I’ll still be waiting for your upcoming singles and albums and I certainly hope there’s more to come. ^^,