Farewell to the End of Summer



 I’ve waited too long for this series to start, and now finally, it’s here.

But I won’t give much of a review on this episode. Let’s say this is just another introduction – there’s nothing much really. I could easily classify this as a filler episode at the very start, if not for the closing moments of the episode. (There are still lots of funny moments as always. n_n)

So the theme remains to be close-relationship ties among the moe friends of Tomoya and Nagisa’s parents as well (included also are the other characters from season 1).  The episode is just about a baseball game and what’s striking from this episode is the support of one to the other, especially to Tomoya (since we know he can’t raise his shoulder up). In the end, he was the one who hit the ball (dunno if it was homerun) to send Nagisa (who else) home and a score to win the game.

Overall, a really entertaining episode and I’d say it’s not a great start, but not really horrible. Hoping it would live up to its expectations on the future episodes. Hooray. n_n


Clannad After Story OP/ED

Clannad OP [Toki wo Kizamu Uta – Lia] :

I absolutely love this OP. =D Just how I felt about Tabi no Tochuu. n_n

Kimi dake wo
Suki de ita yo
Kaze de me ga nijinde
Tooku naru yo…

Clannad ED [TORCH – Lia] :


The tone is so catchy. Like it. n_n

Further Announcements: (Still needs confirmation though) AnimeNewsNetwork says that Clannad After Story will be aired in 24 episodes, and not 13 as pre-supposedly assumed. Hooray for that. n_n

What’s Up Next

Have finished Myself; Yourself (piano version with my friend doing the violin part in the guitar) and You Are My Love (piano too, with either vocals or the vocal notes on guitar).. Really sounds lovely.

I will be working on Clannad BGMs next as they sound really beautiful. n_n

If you like the music sheet of ’em (also the music sheet on BGMs of mostly Key Productions anime like Air, Kanon, Kanon 2006, etc.) then, you have to visit THIS SITE. They have everything. n_n.. Enjoy. ^^,

P.S. If you’re having problems with the site and you can’t click on the download links, then GO HERE instead. Then click on the anime folders to reveal the items. Those with filename.htm are the ones that you should open i.e. Shionari.htm (Shionari being the name of the file). After that, several links about the music below can be found i.e. JPEG, PDF, MP3, MIDI etc. ^^,

Clannad 24: Another World – Tomoyo’s Arc

I will not deal on the screenshots or something or some summary of some sort. It would certainly be better if YOU WOULD WATCH IT. IT’S NO SENSE LOOKING AT SOME SUMMARY OR REVIEW. IN ORDER TO UNDERSTAND WHAT THE HEART WANTS TO SAY, YOU HAVE TO APPROACH IT. SENSITIVITY. Guess that’s what the episode means, and oh my, does it struck me like a lightning bolt.

I’m just hear to shout my heart out after I have watched the episode. First off, this has got to be the best Clannad episode I have watched in the 24-episode phenomenal series that it is. Tomoyo’s arc is certainly better than Nagisa’s. It would’ve been better if it was explored more than that of Nagisa’s. But I guess I understand the fact that Nagisa’s arc contains the other world where wishes come true. But certainly, Nagisa’s arc wasn’t as romantic and as lovely as this!! They’re a perfect pair. Amazing how 24 minutes can contain a lot… [I don’t know if I will still hear the crying voice of Tomoyo again. So lovely and heart-warming…]

But watching at the first episode makes me just want to shout this with all my strength and all my heart:


Maybe we are miles away, time lapses have separated me from you, but Tomoyo does not regard any of it, even after finishing school and achieving her life-long dream of preserving the sakura trees, she still prompted to be with Tomoya. Because, being with the one you love is “a place much higher than what the teachers or any tests will give. It is something you value more than anything”.

But alas, that is the anime world. We live in a non-ideal reality where our hearts are not always our guide to what will happen. But I’m sure if you put much effort to it, then you can achieve what the heart longed for. Life sure is hard. But it’s even harder if you want it to put things your own way. So by separation (and I mean separation) I guess… That’s the way it should be… Acceptance? I have accepted that. Guilt? Not really. I guess I’ll just remember that someday, I dated a great person like you.

So, until then…

It was long. A goal that I wouldn’t yield over. It’s finally been realized. But I lost something in return. I should have been with the person I loved. I love you. Even now, I love you more than before.

More Anime News

I’m highly anticipating Clannad 24 now. I have browsed for quite a while now and all I can see is the Clannad 24 [RAW], which I cannot understand. Gawd, help me to learn Japanese language pls…

Anyway, let’s hope the subs are coming out at most 20 hours from now. I’m so excited. This could be a good “introduction” to Clannad ~After Story~ as it ends Clannad.

Another rumor I got somewhere is that there will be a sequel to ~ef~ A Tale of Memories. It’s entitled something like ~ef~ A Tale of Melodies.

Official News Here.

Official Site Here.

Yey, another series to watch. ^^,

Clannad ~After Story~

Words have it that this Clannad ~After Story~, believed to be a 13-episode second season of Clannad (all information still doubtful), will be released next week, 16th of July (this one’s sure). Promo commercials have been given out to give a backdrop of what it will contain and it really seems this one will focus on the “other world”.

I can’t wait to watch this as I have been a huge, huge fan of Clannad myself. ^^, Those who have played Clannad said that this is the best of Clannad. I’ll be expecting a lot then. ^^