anime review

just this morning, i finished watching Busou Renkin and boy, was it great! YES! SUPER! It was a really superb anime overall. It has the combined elements of surprise, comedy, adventure, romance, friendship, camaraderie, and most importantly, a very good ending you shouldn’t miss. Having that said, I can clearly connect this anime to Fate/Stay Night, my favorite one. [I will just update the point of comparisons with Busou Renkin and Fate/Stay Night]

But right now, what’s important is that you check your nearest anime stores and buy a copy of Busou Renkin and watch it like an addict searches for alcohol. (LOL! ^^)

And oh, for those who still don’t know my REALLY emotional side, I cried on the last 4 episodes of Busou Renkin, literally means Arms Alchemy. It’s an anime you shouldn’ miss!
I’ll give both anime a rating of 9.4/10. Just my $0.02