A Race to the Finish

So the situation in the Barclays Premier League table looks like this:

1. City ||83 pts. ||61 GD ||Newcastle; QPR
2. United ||83 pts. ||53 GD ||Swansea; Sunderland
3. Arsenal ||66 pts. ||24 GD ||Norwich; West Brom
4. Tottenham ||65 pts. ||23 GD ||Aston Villa; Fulham
5. Newcastle ||65 pts. ||9 GD ||Man. City; Everton
6. Chelsea ||61 pts. ||21 GD ||Liverpool; Blackburn

Arguably, Arsenal has the easiest remaining fixtures while Newcastle faces a tough stretch to the finish line.


If City gets beaten by Newcastle, then the title is United’s to lose. If City beats either of the two, United will have to replicate the game against Arsenal where they scored a bountiful of goals in order to get the title.

Only a double win for Arsenal ensures them of a Champions league spot. Anything less than that may prove to be futile in trying to defend 3rd place.

Should Tottenham win both of the remaining games, they are ensured 4th place finisher in the league (unless of course the Toons beat the Citizens 10-0 and the Toffees 9-0).

Newcastle will only be a top 4 finisher if they beat Man. City and Everton convincingly as Tottenham has an easier two-match set against them. They will have to pray Tottenham drop points as well.

Chelsea – well, they need a miracle. The odds are stacked firmly against them to finish in 4th. HOWEVER, should they beat Bayern on May 19, then they will be ensured the precious Champions League spot – dropping whoever is 4th in the league.


On a slightly different and biased note, COME ON YOU SPURS! 🙂


Fifa 09 Pix

Waiting obviously for this one to arrive. These pictures are absolutely stunning! Taken from Fifa 09 official website from Electronic Arts.

Needless to say… Visuals are absolutely at the high-end of gaming experience.

Turks and the Czechs

OMG. OMG. OMG. Petr Cech what have you done? You’ve let a 2 goal lead slip past your team with just 16 minutes to go? Not only to give a draw but to end up as losers!?!?! OMG. Nihat is at the right place at the right time for Turkey who scored at the 87′ and 89′ to give Turkey a 3-2 win over Czech in their Group in Euro 2008. Absolutely great work for the Villareal forward. With his goals, I think he might be seen and courted by the Europian club giants next season. Amah!zing… ^^

P.S. You just have to watch the highlights HERE. You might want to get ready your tickle areas as the commentators are REALLY REALLY REALLY, and I mean REALLY FUNNY from 5:17 onwards!!! Prepare to get a real laugh! Hahahahahahaha. ^^,

To end a day with a smile. ^^,

Oh my gosh! I am so speechless and so unbelievably happy and in bliss! YEAH! YEAH! The Dutch have won again. So speechless! I’m pretty sure now they’ll win the Cup. ^^,.. This is total domination. ^^ 7 goals in last 2 games vs Italy and France? Gotta believe it!! ^^,

View goal highlights HERE.


Netherlands v France

Hours from now will start on what could be the turning point of the Euro 2008 – Netherlands v France. If the Dutch hand the Frenchmen a defeat, it could mean a very probable early exit of France from the early stages of Euro 2k8. Questionnable players for the game are Robben for Holland and Henry and Vieira for France, but I have read that Henry and Vieira might play to avoid getting only 1 point in 2 games.

Still hoping for an entertaining game and absolutely hoping that Netherlands will win.

My Prediction: Netherlands 2 – 0 France



And now who wants to be happy, now that my speculations are right! Now everyone has to be a believer. What a way to start the Euro 2k8 for the Dutchmen as they dominate the World Champions Italy, 3-0. Absolutely magnificent work! ^^. Yeah! Next up, France! ^^ (France just got a disappointing draw against Romania 0-0, which is what I expected)

To view the goal highlights, click HERE.

Myself; Yourself

Have watched only the first episode of Myself; Yourself and it is very good IMO. Just the first episode and it already has the mix that I’ve been looking for a good anime – romance, comedy, twists, good interesting plot, lite drama, ecchi (hmm, not really, it’s just that it’s included there hahahaha.), and violet high school uniforms. ^^ Weeee… Will be clinging into this one and watch it ’til the end. Hope the story is good. ^^

Also, I will be cheering for the Dutch squad in the Euro 2008 which will start in just 19 hours now, even though Robin van Persie is not at 100%. There’s still VDS, VDV, vNiestelrooy and everyone else that’s good enough to win the championship. Go Holland! ^^,

Also, I haven’t had any dreams of her lately. Good sign perhaps.