Clannad After Story: Kyou Chapter

Fujibayashi Kyou

Fujibayashi Kyou

Probably the final episode of the epic Clannad series has been released – Another World: Kyou Chapter. Honestly, I knew what was going to happen before I even watched this due to many spoilers I have been exposed to (Clannad game/visual novel). Anyway, it’s very hard to not like it at the very least. And the way they presented it was, pretty much, Clannad-like. It’s very unique and dramatic in a way – but is always just right (never a cliche).

Kyou looked better with the long hair on, but what the heck. “The place changes and goes, like the wind, like clouds, like the traces of the heart. . .” I’m saddened that Tomoya had to choose one of them, for the other would surely suffer. But that’s the reality and that’s what I liked about the series. Whole series-long, it tackled about the major problems that we face and day-to-day living that we might forget someday, but is surely a huge part of our lives. Clannad interpreted them in a very great way – bittersweet and touching. It is really impossible to not love it.

So, I guess this really is the end of one of the most loved anime series of its time. But, before it breathed its last, it gave us a clue on its sequel (next project probably). Summer. Summer is coming. If I’m not mistaken, (please do correct me if I’m wrong) the first three anime series of Key (Air, Kanon, Clannad) were all set on different seasons (Fall, Winter, Spring, not respectively cos I’m not quite sure). I’ve also read some news that Key is planning another project based on Summer. Please confirm that. If that really is the case, then that would make me a happy Earthling. 🙂

Nice to know Clannad. Until then! ^^


Farewell to the End of Summer



 I’ve waited too long for this series to start, and now finally, it’s here.

But I won’t give much of a review on this episode. Let’s say this is just another introduction – there’s nothing much really. I could easily classify this as a filler episode at the very start, if not for the closing moments of the episode. (There are still lots of funny moments as always. n_n)

So the theme remains to be close-relationship ties among the moe friends of Tomoya and Nagisa’s parents as well (included also are the other characters from season 1).  The episode is just about a baseball game and what’s striking from this episode is the support of one to the other, especially to Tomoya (since we know he can’t raise his shoulder up). In the end, he was the one who hit the ball (dunno if it was homerun) to send Nagisa (who else) home and a score to win the game.

Overall, a really entertaining episode and I’d say it’s not a great start, but not really horrible. Hoping it would live up to its expectations on the future episodes. Hooray. n_n

Clannad After Story OP/ED

Clannad OP [Toki wo Kizamu Uta – Lia] :

I absolutely love this OP. =D Just how I felt about Tabi no Tochuu. n_n

Kimi dake wo
Suki de ita yo
Kaze de me ga nijinde
Tooku naru yo…

Clannad ED [TORCH – Lia] :


The tone is so catchy. Like it. n_n

Further Announcements: (Still needs confirmation though) AnimeNewsNetwork says that Clannad After Story will be aired in 24 episodes, and not 13 as pre-supposedly assumed. Hooray for that. n_n

Clannad ~After Story~

Words have it that this Clannad ~After Story~, believed to be a 13-episode second season of Clannad (all information still doubtful), will be released next week, 16th of July (this one’s sure). Promo commercials have been given out to give a backdrop of what it will contain and it really seems this one will focus on the “other world”.

I can’t wait to watch this as I have been a huge, huge fan of Clannad myself. ^^, Those who have played Clannad said that this is the best of Clannad. I’ll be expecting a lot then. ^^

Clannad Ep. 21: In Preparation for the Festival

I have watched the 21 episodes of Clannad already and woah, I love this anime. I’ve never been so attached in what I’m watching up until now! For some drama and really hilarious comedy you should just can’t stand, watch Clannad and you’ll never be disappointed.

It says in some reviews that it has 22 episodes in the main story, 1 episode for the side story and 1 episode for I think OVA which will be released in July, so overall, 24 episodes for this series. What I’m waiting now is for the last episode of the main story which will be released 5 days from now! I CAN’T WAIT TO KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN! SO SAD really…. ='(

BTW, to those who have watched or planning to watch, some highlights from Ep. 21

[WARNING: Descriptive spoilers ahead.]:

What? Nagisa, did you just say you haven’t watched any theatrical play yet? And how surprised Okazaki was!^^

Oh Nagisa watch out for that post! You’ve already memorized the script! It’s just practice! Thank God Okazaki’s with you. ^^

Wow, looks like everyone else, and I mean the girls, have given up on Tomoya knowing that Nagisa’s got him. A promise to finish this all ’til the end…

Sunohara, couldn’t you be more attentive during practice? Watch out for the fists of Kyou!!!

And they’re back home from practice. What Akio, what did you just said???

Okay everybody, let’s all do this together now even if it’s just a practice!!!^^

Akio, I thought you’ve both agreed upon that it’s not those potty-chair you’re looking for! Lol…

Nothing like a conversation between those two before the actual play starts. Confidence booster I guess.

Oh no, you didn’t just stumble upon those old photo albums!!! Nooo!!

Okay, those tears start to fall now. Akio, why didn’t you reveal to Nagisa much earlier! Now that she knows it already in a real bad timing now, EVERYONE’S IN BIG TROUBLE NOW.

Damn this last scene makes me really watch the next episode real soon now.

To all those who want to watch it, there’s also a release movie in the same title, Clannad the Movie, but the producers are different. Not all the characters in the series are in the movie and I think it has a different ending, though I haven’t watched the movie yet and the anime ending hasn’t been released yet. I HOPE IT ENDS WELL… Sigh.. ='( *sniff*