Move aside Sarah, Phil is here

Seriously, this was the one spoken word poetry that absolutely struck me to the bones. It was overwhelmingly powerful and impactful, you can’t just hold back a tear from creeping at the corner of one eye. Kudos, Phil. This is a gem.


I Will Not Offer You The World

I will not offer you the world. Period.
Because quite frankly, I cannot offer you the world.
Not a part of it is mine.
Nor even a tiny speck of its wonders. No.

I just… simply cannot do it.

I cannot show you all the oceans you so dearly love
I cannot reach the top of mountains and shout out loud
The feasts and the food we all so crave
I’m sorry, there is just no way.

But there are things outside of ‘that’ world
That should find you much delight and happiness
I’d be more than willing to provide them to you
If only you’d let me to.

Now… let me show you.

Have you ever wondered how many stars blanket a clear, night sky?
Let me count them for you then, over and over and over
And when I count, I shall describe to you how each of them
Sparkle uniquely, shining your darkened path. Always.

On your way to work and back home, do you stop by to smell the flowers?
There’s a reason why they were placed that way.
Or recall memories upon hearing a song? Upon being touched by the cold wind?
Those too are world’s wonders you don’t want to be missing.

Still… nothing beats being personal.

Do you have a recognition, perhaps small wins? Then let us celebrate!
Let me get you a glass of drink when you’re feeling exhausted and worn out.
Do not mourn a loss only by yourself, we are all interconnected.
For whatever reason it may be, I am at your disposal.

And when you’ve had too much of the world, one too many for you to handle
Come to me. Let’s talk.

Tell me your burdens, tell me your desires, your insecurities and your hopes
And little by little, you will notice; That your world will soon be my world,
And that what I’m giving you, and willing to offer you,
Is not the world (for I cannot offer you that)
But my world.

And you shall see yourself in it.

By then you would have realized, you are not alone.
And that the world that you have longed for –
The oceans, the mountains, the feasts, and the food
Will be nothing but just a backdrop.

I shall not stand at your grave and weep

I shall not stand at your grave and weep;
You are never there, nor are asleep.
I’m with the thousand winds that blow,
I’ve seen diamond glints on snow,
I’ve wondered about the sun on ripened grain,
I enjoyed the gentle autumn rain.
Every time I awaken in the morning’s hush
I experience the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circling flight.
I gaze at the soft star-shine at night.
I shall not stand at your grave and cry,
Because you are not there, you did not die.

‘Til we meet again, friend!

Ten Little Sailor Boys

Ten Little Sailor Boys went out to dine,
One choked his little self, and then there were nine.
Nine Little Sailor Boys sat up very late,
One overslept himself, and then there were eight.
Eight Little Sailor Boys traveling in Devon,
One stayed there, and then there were seven.
Seven Little Sailor Boys chopping up sticks,
One chopped himself in halves, and then there were six.
Six Little Sailor Boys playing with a hive,
A bumblebee stung one, and then there were five.
Five Little Sailor boys going in for law,
One got in Chancery, and then there were four.
Four Little Sailor Boys going out to sea,
A red herring swallowed one, and then there were three.
Three Little Sailor Boys walking in the zoo,
A big bear hugged one, and then there were two.
Two Little Sailor Boys sitting in the sun,
One got frizzled up, and then there was one.
One Little Sailor Boy left all alone,
He went and hung himself, and then there were none.

This came from the famous re-titled novel of Agatha Christie And Then There Were None. I just felt like re-posting because it’s a really creepy poem. ><


Well, as a result of boredom during class hours, I decided to write another poem.


Smile. You mean a lot to the world.
Laugh. Your wishes have been granted.
Frown. The world means a lot to you.
Cry. Your wishes will never be enough.

Leap. The world is waiting for you.
Run. There are places waiting to be discovered.
Swim. The waters calm your soul.
Cry. Your wishes will never be enough.

Write. The world needs your thoughts.
Sing. The world needs your music.
Love. The world needs your warmth.
Cry. Your wishes will never be enough.

Dream. Your wishes may just come true.
Cry. Your wishes will never be enough.
Wish. Your tears can never be enough.
Enough. Your wishes will just make you cry.

Your Hand in Mine

Since I have nothing better to do during my Philosophy 102 classes, I decided to write my own poem as my take on Explosions in the Sky‘s Your Hand in Mine. I enjoyed writing it. ^^

In case you still haven’t heard of it, here’s my favorite piano version I found in the net.

Your Hand in Mine

Hair sways the fourth time,
My eyes remained stationary.
You moved along the line,
I felt your hand in mine.

A smile in the darkest fears,
Wonders even the gulls at far.
To wipe away all the tears,
And lessen all arrears.

This song you wished to sing,
Still resonates in this fragility.
Now that the dawn is breaking,
This riven heart began trembling.

To you, I did confide,
This lone and wandering soul.
But now, the truth shall not hide,
Yes, I know, you were never by my side.