An Ode To You, Dear Ones

“The place changes and goes, like a wind, like clouds…” so does the song say. I’ve been here forever when I was a kid and now that I’m a bit grown up, I endlessly look for this one place that will make my heart melt away. Now that I’m here again, take me away. I… didn’t want to see it like this. Not anymore. Please stop.

A town is like a family. No, scrap that. A town is a family. My family. Every single one of them – Aunt Irene, Grandma Lauren, Sabeen, my childhood friend. I can go on but.. it’s not going to help me stay upright on my two feet. Each and every one of them, I would have wanted to say “Thank you. I’ve done nothing for you but you make me feel like I’m home everywhere.” You see, home is not a place, but a state of mind, a feeling.

I had to leave. You all knew that my single parent was in dire need of help, but I couldn’t let you guys do all the work for me. I needed to be strong myself. I needed to let you all know that I can handle it. That I’m grown up. That I can be independent. And that once all is said and done, you’d all be proud of me. For that is what I want to be – someone you can be proud of. Because I lived in a family of selfless people. My dreams.. They were your dreams too, weren’t they? You see, family is not people with the same blood as yours, but a state of mind, a feeling.

And I did. I found a community outside. People, company, friends, more loved ones. It was a great feeling. Happiness, tragedy, fear – they were all mixed up in a way I wouldn’t have thought out to be. It was inexplicable to me at first, but you all knew these things right? But somewhere, somehow, I still longed for that certain warmth. And then you look at the birds – they have wings – freedom to go wherever they want to go. Then sometimes, you get frustrated how they always come back at the same exact spot when there’s too much of the world to look at.

I didn’t understand that at first. But I do now.

They wanted to be back home right? Back to their family? I wonder how it felt like living in the air? Because then, there would be no earthquakes to shatter everyone’s homes, no tsunamis to take the lives of everyone you love, shattering your heart. This isn’t a scene of my home… This.. is just.. fantasy… Please tell me.. This isn’t true… Somebody wake me up!!! Please!!! I’m.. begging you..

“The place changes and goes, like a wind, like clouds… like the traces of the heart”.


Annual Inspiration Outflow: The Glimmer of A Candlelight


On March 11, I ended by more-than-a-year’s long hiatus on writing by releasing my new light-novel-to-be, The Glimmer of A Candlelight. It took me more than a year to formulate the idea and come up with a little plot to work with. But after all these time of preparation, it didn’t even took me to at least halfway through the plot. So now, I will have to write under pressure – which is what I hope to be the driving force behind this little project of mine.

Historically, I’ve had a bad habit of writing things up and ending up not finishing it. I still think I can finish this one and I hope that it will lead to another, and another, etc.

So, give me a holler whenever you have feedback, suggestions, questions, and whatnot. Enjoy! 🙂

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It’s My Birthday! – Hanamuke

Before anything else, I can’t believe it’s been more than a month since I last posted something here! I deeply apologize for that. =;=

In other news, I wasn’t able to keep my promise to bring in more content and insight to my blog this year. I think I promised that exactly 1 year ago – but I guess promises really are made to be broken. But I’ll make it up this time around (as in exactly in this post. LOL).

5 years ago, I literally can’t get off my bed because of a stubborn fever that kept me from doing anything else but sleeping. So I grabbed my roommate’s laptop to look for something to pass the time and guess what, I stumbled upon a music blog that’s so eloquently written, it actually motivated to make my own! Hence, the birth of this little space of mine. I initially created this to post updates on Jyukai 樹海, as well as blabber about some fandom rants. Several years since then, this blog actually evolved into a more anime/personal/sports/music/absolutely-whatever oriented blog, which is way better than it initially was. This became my outlet for everything I felt like pouring out to the world when no one seemed to care. At some points in this blog’s timeline, I had actually considered closing this one down. If that was continued, that would have been one of the greatest regrets of my life.

Now that the drama’s out of the way, I’m just looking for more fruitful years with this blog o’ mine, and I really hope to produce more content and thoughts along the way. To all the readers, passers-by, and haters alike, thank you for sticking around! 🙂

Happy Birthday, Hanamuke!

******IN OTHER NEWS******

I have been watching (and re-watching) a lot of Fairy Tail recently – it really has a great story line (as well as plot and twists) for a Shounen manga/anime. Also, a lot of its music has been instantly added to my MP3 list. Fairy Tail boasts a great list of OPs and EDs and it’s a definitely a big plus for me. The animation, voice-overs, and effects are of a great quality too, so I’m finding it hard to spoil myself by reading the manga. I guess I’m sticking with the anime.

I’ve also finally grabbed a copy of Hoshi ni Ou Kodomo, as well as the first few episodes of Little Busters! and Code:Breaker. If I find the time, I’ll definitely be watching them as well.

Lastly, I managed to continue writing down my plot for my light novel, but due to my unstable work conditions, I haven’t restarted again since last Wednesday midnight. Several hours later (of not writing), another 7.3 earthquake struck at the eastern coast of Japan. *sigh* Is this a sign?! But – I will definitely finish it – before 2013 ends, that is. 😛

Please continue to look forward for it.

Ciao for now! 🙂

Preview: The Glimmer of A Candlelight

“The sky is beautiful. I wouldn’t let another day pass without being graced by the warmth of this sunlight.” In that very moment, Riku bowed his head down, prayed with hands firmly clasped, and tears rushed out of his eyes, obviously trying to hold it back.

“What’s wrong, grandpa?” asks his energetic niece, Sakura, who is only about to turn 11 this month. Immediately after asking, she pulls out the white handkerchief from her pocket and wipes his uncle’s tears away. Due to their age difference however, Sakura refers to him as grandpa.

Riku does not immediately respond. In fact, he knew he heard Sakura’s voice, but could not comprehend the words that she said.

He finally uttered the words “Thank you, my dear” in a very low and quiet but firm voice. He paused for a short while before continuing on. “It was… a day… like no other.” The lively Sakura faced him, which made Riku feel even more embarassed. He didn’t want an old man ruin the day of a child who has just arrived from a far away place for a vacation. It just felt wrong. So he stopped.

“Eh? What are you talking about, grandpa? What happened?”

Just when Sakura is about to ask him again, a loud voice was heard from afar. “Oi! You two! Come back to the car now! We’re about to leave!” Sakura replied with enthusiasm, “Yes, dad!”

I really have to let this out. Otherwise, this wouldn’t ever continue again. I have been pondering about this for quite a while now and that it’s out – I MUST FINISH THIS. Please. (Yes, I’m begging to myself. Pathetic, isn’t it?)

Please, please, please look forward to it. I will be releasing more details about what I’m writing as the days fly by (you should be getting more clues from the tags section of this post). Thank you for your patience. 🙂

Just a thought

In millennia long past, men have told tales of valor, honor, justice, glory, and love in glyphs, inscriptions, and eventually, in the most common form today – paper. Or is it still the most common form of tale-telling?

The game is storytelling and the age is information – an era where versions, models, and everything that is supposed to be latest, is never meant to last long. This is the offspring of the marriage between innovation and technology. What you’re using to read this article right now? It’s going to be obsolete in 10 years, I wager.

In writing, the Internet is your publisher (well, this is arguable if you want to monetize). You have any ideas? Share it on Facebook. Want to share an experience, why not Tweet it? Bursting with inspiration that you can’t contain it, why not post in your blog? What I’m trying to get here is that all the tools are already right in front of us! There is no reason for us not to do it. In just seconds, the information we just shared will reach a billion people with just a click of a button.

Getting messages across has never been this convenient. Back then, if you want your stories shared among the people of various continents, you will have to wait until it reaches their shores physically; but physical is a word that is getting less and less used these days. Digital? It’s taking on the other route.

In a way, I’m writing this post to share how art ties the knot with science; how the left brain clings together with the right; how the evening darkness is needed to fully appreciate the beauty of sunrise. In the case of storytelling, technology has played its part much like how a telegraph evolved into mobile phones. Now, we have audio books, E-books, blogs, and fanfic sites as means to disseminate our content in very creative ways and into more people than we can imagine. Thanks to the Internet, we are not only building our own name, but our very own network as well. From the ground up! For free!* And the greatest thing is that the only thing that limits us to do so much more – is time.

So if your heart is burning with desire to share, type (I would have written “write” instead, you know).

* – Or for a very small fee.

If you’re wondering what this is all of a sudden, well, it’s just something I wrote to hype myself up. A much-needed self-push, I guess.

A Fate-ful Holidays to All!

It might be a bit late, but hey, better late than never!

I wish you all had a cracking, festive season of holidays! Enjoy what little remains of the year and keep your head up for a 2012 that’s full of promises and hope!

On another note, Fate/Zero Season 1 has just ended in a supposedly-bang-but-instead-a-ufotable-expected-cliffhanger. ufotable did the Fate series a justice. Though I am hugely favorable of F/Z, I guess F/SN has its own charms as well. F/SN started as a visual novel, so it was quite easier to convert it to anime, unlike F/Z which started as a light novel (please correct me on this one). Again, Baka-Tsuki has fully translated the novel in English, so if you want to read it, follow this link.

F/Z has a great cast which are very likable. The story is engrossing and I can’t wait to read the novel myself. The animation is simply stunning, with favorable music here and there. The OP and ED however are stand-outs! To those followers, I am a huge critic of the OPs and EDs being used in a series, and I felt that Memoria and oath sign are just perfect.

Being a novel originally, I understand where all the dialogue are coming from, instead of the most awaited duel scenes among the servants. If you are still new to the Fate series, again, it’s never too late. You might want to watch F/SN first before F/Z so that things won’t be.. uhm.. how should I say this — anticlimactic?

Anyway, Season 2 starts on April 2012. Mark that on your calendars, folks!

As for other news, Carnival Phantasm will have a 12-minute special – Fate/Prototype which is somewhat a spin-off of F/SN. For more details, you may read here.

I would like to have a full-blown series of Fate with a male Saber class! May it be, Fate/Extra, Fate/Apocrypha, Fate/Zero, Fate/Stay Night, every Saber is a female. We need a male swordie!

Anyway, that’s enough ranting. Happy new year to all! 🙂

Fate/Zero Novel

Since I’m the impatient type, I thought I could cheat my way through the story of Fate/Zero since a weekly release simply will not suffice.

As a result, I found out that Baka-Tsuki has already translated the Fate/Zero Novel completely in English!

I can’t wait to read this one in full. If you want to read it too, then CLICK HERE. Enjoy. 🙂