A Story of Transcendence

He first met her on college when he’s about to cut his Physics class with his friends. Just when they’re about to leave, he caught a glimpse of her by the stairway. They made a deal – he’d ask her out and if it’s on, he’d change. A silly bet. Minutes later, his palm is all sweaty and he’s almost trembling in both anxiety and excitement.

“What the hell happened dude? It looks like you’ve seen a ghost! You barely had a conversation! She just left!”, asks one of his friends.

“I.. uh.. She.. uh.. agreed.” he hesitantly replies.

“She what?? Are you mad?”

“N-no.. No! Of course not!! I couldn’t believe it myself. It’s like… She was waiting for me…”

“Jeric, dude, can you hear yourself? Hahaha. Have you been high?” asks his other friend while joking about it.

“Get lost you two!” he says while he sits back on his chair. There is no cutting of classes that will happen today, he decided.


Just like that, his life took a 360-degree turn. He’d spend less and less time with his old habits and friends and more and more time with her. They’d talk and chatter just about anything continuously, day and night. Little did they realize that they were also influencing each other more. She’d help her on her studies while he gives her a bit of life outside school. It was, in paper, a perfect combination.

When they both graduated, they took different jobs. He took an office work at the city while she helped manage the family business. After office hours, he’d visit her almost everyday and 100% of the time, she’ll have a treat of some sort from him – a cupcake, flowers, a diary, even a camera at one point when he had saved enough. In return, she’d cook all his favorite meals which would put a big smile on their faces.

Weekends are just the best though. They’d spend all their time leisurely having each other on all sorts of activities – traveling, hiking, swimming, or just plain singing at a videoke bar. To the eyes of everyone, they were soulmates.


One rainy and particularly windy night, on the night of their anniversary, the both decided to eat at a nearby restaurant, nothing fancy. He was holding the umbrella with his right hand while his left wrapped around her waist as they try to prevent from being soaked up from the deluge. A quick and sharp gale then blew and carried away their umbrella while they were crossing the road. He instinctively leapt backwards to try and catch the umbrella, but he was met with an overtaking motorcycle traveling at blazing speed. The driver tried to break hard to prevent the impact but the suddenness of the moment made it impossible to do so. The motorcycle and its driver came off flying to the right as a result of the collision, hitting a car that’s parked on the side of the road.

As for Jeric, he flew off several meters and spent a few seconds in mid-air, then came crashing to the ground, rolling helplessly at least four times before coming to a halt. From a spectator point of view, it was the harshest couple of seconds one can see. From Daisy’s timeline though, it lasted for several minutes. Her heart jumped out of her chest and her breath taken away from her as if some vacuum entered her throat and lungs. She couldn’t stand and yet she couldn’t even fall. Her mind wants her to run to him but his body won’t respond. Her body is nailed to the ground, burning hot with her mind dazed.

She couldn’t even muster the energy to lift up her phone from her pocket when she realized that ambulance vehicles are already arriving fast. It must have been the bystanders who have witnessed the tragedy. Before she knew it, she was already standing in front of Jeric – his body being lifted and taken to the back of the ambulance van. Without her noticing it, she was in it too. It was so painful for her that she couldn’t even cry – for crying is only for heartache and pain. There is no fitting human reaction to this at all.


She’d spend the next year visiting him to the hospital frequently, almost everyday in fact. She’d bring fruits, flowers, and lots of stories to tell. The fruits though, he couldn’t eat, the flowers he couldn’t appreciate, and the stories he couldn’t listen to. There are times when just looking at his lifeless face would draw out bursts of tears from Daisy, each of those due to severe pain. He hasn’t spoken a word since, nor even twitched a muscle. The doctors said that with him being in a state of coma, the people around him will suffer greatly and will someday have to make a decision. But they are all hopeful. For it can only get better from here.

During the following 12 months, the once frequent visits by Daisy had normalized down. Sometimes, she’d visit only once in two weeks. And during those long periods of time when they’d meet again, she’d tell him lots of stories so he can catch up. She even told him that she met a very nice fellow who helps her on everyday struggles. She told him about the similarities that Jeric and this fellow share and wonder how they can come from different parents!

“You know what, no matter what happens, I still love you. And I’ll be waiting. Until we can come home and live like the way we used to.”


The following eight months, Daisy regained her energy. She wasn’t as enthusiastic as she used to be but it’s a massive improvement. She’d still bring him stories and flowers every month that she visits and would still talk about this nice fellow whom he met more than a year ago – how he changed her life and helped her get back to her feet, and how he would tend to her needs even though at times, he’d look physically exhausted. She also showed him a bracelet that he gave her.

“He gave it to me. He said if I feel like giving up, just look at this bracelet and know that you are not alone on this journey. Kinda sweet, huh? I hope you don’t get jealous though. Anyway, I’m still waiting for you. Please come back to us. Your parents are dying to talk to you again!”


It was soon their anniversary again and just like before, it’s raining. As usual, she hailed a cab from her office so she can get back home and prepare something for dinner. And just when she sat down on the taxi, her phone rang. It was Jeric’s parents. This was the first time they ever called her. Moments later, the cab’s destination had been adjusted – to the hospital.

When she arrived, she did not know what to expect. There was not much that his parents told her. But as she opens the door, there was his parents on his bedside, crying and holding his still lifeless hand. The doctor was also there explaining something, but she didn’t understand one word out of it. All that’s going through her mind was “What’s going on? What’s going on? What’s going on?”

“Ah, Daisy, please have a seat.” the doctor urged her.

“Wh-what’s the matter? Wh-what’s going on?”

“About Jeric. Well, to start with, he had an outside chance of waking up when we first looked at him more than 2 years ago. From our first few months of observation, his body is responding ok and we never failed to believe that someday, he could do it. For the past several months though, things weren’t as good. Even though he’s still lying down here, it’s as if his body is being constantly fatigued. It’s very hard to explain it because even us professionals couldn’t understand much what’s going on. It’s like he’s trying to get up in his mind and do something but his body won’t obey him. Also, due to the lack of physical activity and having been bedridden for a while now, some of his bodily functions are starting to give up. At this point, it’s very unfortunate and I’m sorry to tell you but Jeric’s whole body is starting to surrender now.”

His mother hugged her so tight, it just added to that familiar feeling of breathlessness. His father whispered to her that they’d be removing his life support and free Jeric of the agony and suffering.

They all wept as the doctor prepare to move outside of the room to give them a little time with Jeric. But before he left entirely, he had a question directed to his parents.

“Madam, if you don’t mind me asking, did you take something out of Jeric’s pocket? A bracelet, to be specific.”

“No, we didn’t take anything.” told his mother.

“I see. That’s odd. I’m sure I placed a bracelet there before. My mentor gave it to me a few years back when I lost my wife. He said that if I’m feeling helpless, just look at this bracelet and I will know hope. So I kinda pass it to him since he needed it more than me then. Oh well, I guess it must have dropped off somewhere. Anyway, time for me to step out side for a while. Just call me when you need me.”

And like a needle piercing her heart, Daisy remembered.

“Excuse me! Was that bracelet of blue color with one yellow thread on its knot?” asked Daisy.

“Why, yes! That’s it! So you’re the one who picked it up then? I see, well that explains it. Take care of it alright?” tells the doctor as he steps out and closes the door.

When she heard that confirmation, she thought she’d be more surprised and confused than she is now. For some reason, that affirmation was comforting. She turned back to his parents and told them if she can get a moment or two with Jeric, so they stepped out of the room momentarily. Daisy then sat down to his bedside, and held his now very thin hands.

“At first, I thought that was you. Then I told myself, “Don’t be silly, that’s just impossible!” He’d treat me the way you do, and maybe that’s why my heart grew closer to him over that period of time. I felt really bad and told myself that I was being unfair to you. But instincts are never wrong, are they?”

At this point, she could no longer hold back the tears. She cried a lot but still tried to talk with her sobbing and quivering voice.

“Instead of me looking after you, you’re the one looking after me, aren’t you? How selfless are you, you, you…! Giving up your own life for a little of my happiness! How could you do that! Please stop doing that!! How do you expect me to live on knowing you’re no longer with me from now on! Please… Stop being so kind to me…”

She wept several minutes more before she can wipe away the tears from her eyes and kiss his forehead.

“I will keep this bracelet you’ve worked so hard to give me. Now, take a rest. The world is too cruel for you to stay here. I will be fine. I am comforted by the fact that there’s always someone who loves me more than his life. I’ll take care of myself.. and your parents too!”

And just when she’s getting teary-eyed again, she just shrugged it off and kissed her on the forehead one last time.

“You are the love of my life, and it will stay that way. I’ll miss you forever!!”

She couldn’t hold back the tears then as she tightly covered her mouth with both her hands, trying to stop the crying. She then took the bracelet out of her bag and wore it. Afterwards, she carefully walked away from him without looking back, opened the door quietly, and nodded to the doctor. The doctor with the nurses then entered the room and closed the doors. Jeric’s parents and Daisy wept many tears but as long as the bracelet tightly hugs the wrist of Daisy, she knows she’s never alone. That in itself makes living and moving on all the more worthwhile.


I Will Not Offer You The World

I will not offer you the world. Period.
Because quite frankly, I cannot offer you the world.
Not a part of it is mine.
Nor even a tiny speck of its wonders. No.

I just… simply cannot do it.

I cannot show you all the oceans you so dearly love
I cannot reach the top of mountains and shout out loud
The feasts and the food we all so crave
I’m sorry, there is just no way.

But there are things outside of ‘that’ world
That should find you much delight and happiness
I’d be more than willing to provide them to you
If only you’d let me to.

Now… let me show you.

Have you ever wondered how many stars blanket a clear, night sky?
Let me count them for you then, over and over and over
And when I count, I shall describe to you how each of them
Sparkle uniquely, shining your darkened path. Always.

On your way to work and back home, do you stop by to smell the flowers?
There’s a reason why they were placed that way.
Or recall memories upon hearing a song? Upon being touched by the cold wind?
Those too are world’s wonders you don’t want to be missing.

Still… nothing beats being personal.

Do you have a recognition, perhaps small wins? Then let us celebrate!
Let me get you a glass of drink when you’re feeling exhausted and worn out.
Do not mourn a loss only by yourself, we are all interconnected.
For whatever reason it may be, I am at your disposal.

And when you’ve had too much of the world, one too many for you to handle
Come to me. Let’s talk.

Tell me your burdens, tell me your desires, your insecurities and your hopes
And little by little, you will notice; That your world will soon be my world,
And that what I’m giving you, and willing to offer you,
Is not the world (for I cannot offer you that)
But my world.

And you shall see yourself in it.

By then you would have realized, you are not alone.
And that the world that you have longed for –
The oceans, the mountains, the feasts, and the food
Will be nothing but just a backdrop.


The feeling of air being pulled out of your lungs but not wanting to inhale nonetheless.
I kept on waiting even just your shadow to appear by the doorway.

That dazed, numb state where you try to pull yourself out, but nothing to hold on to.
The scent of you remained on my room, circulating ever so slowly.

The mind separated from the body. Thoughts wander but the figure lingers.
Memories are piling up one against the other, stacked up higher than the ceiling.

The slightest drop of a tear becomes an inconceivable idea.
I sing a song for you as I wish that my fleeting voice reaches you somehow.


Recently, I have been writing very gloomy pieces. I apologize if this makes you down or something, but my words are my heart. I do know however that at the end of the day, nobody really wants to be alone and depressed for all eternity. I guess we can take it one step at a time and just… laugh, love, and smile 🙂 

Half and Half

A recent manga that I’ve read is entitled Half and Half. It’s actually good considering that it’s just a one-shot. A 40-page short story is enough to deliver how emotions may be linked and how love and emotions may be formed even in such a short period of time.

A classic slice-of-life genre, this is a must read. (Don’t worry, it won’t take up ANY of your time.) ^^

I love you...

I love you...


Since 6pm a night ago

Until today 2pm the day after,

The rain has not stopped

To harness its potential.

There is no sun to brighten up the day.

All is gloomy, all is dark

Frozen is my body and my heart

As silence eats me alive.

And with this,

I am wet all over…


Oh, shizuku will you ever stop?

Oh, namida I know you wouldn’t stop.

Finding my True Self: A Dream + A Short Review on Byousoku 5 cm + In Relation to My Life

I overslept a while ago. As I woke up, I noticed that the small hand of the clock was about to reach 12. It was already noon when I regained my consciousness from a very deep slumber – a slumber so happy that I can almost touch it – like a reality.

I had a dream. A dream about her. Again. We finally met. She was smiling – a smile I’ve never seen for more than 3 years now. The smile that I was searching for all this time. The smile that filled my life once. I approached her as she approach me. We had a nice time together while walking and sharing some stories. But I never noticed how it ended. It’s like one day you’re here and wham! You’re gone again.

Despite that, I feel like I’ve seen her in reality again. It was like she was so close to me that it was that very moment I was looking for all this time – even though it’s a dream. And so, I finally decided to watch 5 cm/sec. And wow! I MEAN WOW! To my surprise, it was like patterned to my real life. Almost as exact as it can get. Not only that, the future it held could be my future too (Comparisons to be discussed later on). And so, here’s Byousoku 5 cm:


18 Aug 08

Byousoku 5 cm

5 centimeters per second – this is the estimated speed that a sakura petal falls to the ground. In this three-episode movie, the separation of the petal from the tree is greatly explored. Why did the petal have to leave the tree and where will the petal drop off? Will the distance between the tree and the sakura petal have any significance at all? This is a chain of short stories about love, people, time, space, distance, longing, memories, and pain. These are the everyday struggles that we, human beings, don’t seem to notice until one day, the most important things in our lives will be gone.

The arts and the animation of the series is really visually stunning. The staff really made a wonderful job to make it look as real as possible. The voice acting weren’t bad also, as the emotions can also be felt in the tone and how the speech was delivered. Although the movie is quite short (only three episodes), it is self-sufficient in a sense that it conveyed everything it holds. All the possibilities and the amazing potentials it brought out were realized in the end in a good manner. The conclusion, half expected-half not (although it favors me that the conclusion be the one I expected), was really good.

The three episodes were all connected to each other as it brings about the main theme of the story – moving on. The past is the past and what is important now is living on with the present.

Takaki Tono never really realized this until the final seconds of the movie when he though he saw Akari again across the railroads (where he never really did confirmed it because of the trains passing by). Their relationship started at a good pace and a good foundation – friendship. But as time goes, this relationship grows further, eventually surpassing friendship itself and moving on towards love.

The first deeply emotional scene was when Takaki and Akari met again after nearly 1 year being separated since the end of middle school. Takaki arrived at the station they were supposed to meet more than 4 hours later because of the delays in the train stations due to a strong  blizzard. As soon as Akari saw Takaki, Akari teared – of joy, surprise, and probably the disappearance of disappointment, fear, doubt, and worries. They shared stories of immeasurable amount as they went to sleep together.

But before they slept, Takaki and Akari kissed – and this changed the view of Takaki, and as well as Akari. They knew that it was because of that moment, they would never see each other again. Everything would be different from now on. Now why is that? One, because friendship ends and probably, love starts. Second, it would be very hard for love to survive in such a scenario lacking time for each other. Their true enemies are time and distance. Takaki said that he would call and he would write, but that may never be enough. Love needs nurturing and this could not be done in its full form without the presence of the other.

So the next morning, as they woke up, Takaki left the station. Akari never gave the letter she was suppose to give Takaki while Takaki’s letter for Akari also never reached her (because he accidentally dropped the letter in one of the stations, causing the letter to fly into emptiness).

The story continues in the second episode where Takaki is now in high school where he met Kanae Sumida, a friend of his. Takaki doesn’t know that Kanae had fallen for him – but this is a fact that will never reach Takaki. Although at one point in the story, Kanae was centimeters away from confessing to Takaki about her love for him, she hesitated. And in the end, she never got to tell him the truth that she had been keeping to herself (and to some of her friends). Why?

Because she knew that she was not the one Takaki is looking at. Everytime Kanae would look at Takaki, he seems to be looking at a far away distance where he seems to be waiting for someone. This alone let Kanae feel that maybe, just maybe, she was not the one for him – aside from the fact that Kanae always sees Takaki sending a message through his phone (although Takaki never really sends any of those messages to anyone – he just types then and then deletes it afterwards).

So in the end of that day, Kanae just rested in her bed, crying of pain, because she knew, that even though she will not tell Takaki the truth and that Takaki will be with someone else, she will still continue to love Takaki as much as yesterday or even greater tomorrow than any of the previous days.

The story concluded in the final episode that is self-entitled. Kanae, Akari, and Takaki lived their own lives according to the path they have chosen. Takaki became a computer programmer while Akari was engaged to another man. Takaki had a girlfriend but the movie never really explored on this much. The last episode was shown with just a set of clips – of the past and the present – together with a very beautiful and masterful song One More Time, One More Chance. THIS IS THE BEST EPISODE IN ANIME EVER, together with the song. IT IS ADVISED THAT YOU WATCH THIS SCENCE AT LEAST TWICE. One for the lyrics of the song, and the other at least once for the clips shown, as it gives a ton of info in the story.

In the end, Takaki was shown wandering around that same area where he and Akari last met at the end of middle school. As he crossed the railroads, he also crossed a woman and after crossing the railroad he thought to himself, “I know deep inside and I can feel that this woman would also look back at me as I will look back at her”. And as Takaki looks back at the woman, two trains pass by the railroads and as soon as the view clears up, the woman was not there anymore. This is the highlight of the story. How? Because as soon as she sees that the woman was never there anymore, he knew that he had moved on, because he smiled. The woman was strongly hinted as Akari, though there was no confirmation. But then, he smiled, turned around, and walked his way as the present would continue on its path. The way cleared up for him and it was just up for him to run and follow that woman to confirm and to see for himself. But, and a very big but, he did not. He had the choice. And he chose the better one.

Living on the present and then not regretting what was over. This is what I like about the story. A lesson which I wish I had learned eons ago. Now, I’m confined in this entity called time and now I’m trapped. From the movie, I can clearly see my life and myself as Takaki.

In a sense, let’s just recall my memories. I have also been in love with someone in high school. Though she knew what I felt, I never really got the chance of what I really felt, say the intensity or whatever. But the point is that, I never told her. Then, we got separated. Their family moved to a farther place, so we only exchanged thoughts through text messaging. Back in the later parts of high school, I also had a girlfriend (and still is up to now) where she also fell in love with me as I fall in love with her too. But at times, she always talks to me about how she was inappropriate for me and that how I would be happy with someone else. Why? Because I’m also looking at a distant, far away place. I’m also waiting for someone to return.

And now, it’s been more than 3 years since we haven’t met face to face. It is only in dreams that I can talk to her and see her. But that’s ok. At least there’s a chance.

This truly contradicts my perspectives – the fact that Takaki lived with the present. I can’t even think about that. I’m still trapped by the past. A moment that has passed and I was carried away with it. Takaki had no regrets while I had mine – because he has something which I don’t have, or have not found yet – and that is courage. The courage to move and live in the present and be satisfied. Unlike in ef ~A Tale of Memories~, there are memories which we don’t want to forget. Yes, I do not want to forget those memories with her, but heck, those memories will never come to life again, nor will there be a conclusion to it, unless everything gets cleared up in the near future. And I need the courage to do that. In Fate/stay night, Shiro could eventually forget Saber’s tangible everythings, but not the fact that someday, she loved Saber. And now, here in Byousoku 5 cm, Takaki lived with it, and continued on the path that he has chosen. Akari also lived the life she chose.

The excellent metaphor of the petals and us human beings gave Byousoku 5 cm something to think about. As the petals drop 5 cm per second, we human beings are also unaware that we drift apart from each other at a slow rate. But in fact, this is not that important. What’s important is the time it takes for this drifting to take place. It doesn’t matter if a petal drops for 5 cm per second, or a space shuttle to travel at 5 kilometers per hour – the time it takes to travel makes the distance wider. The longer time it takes, the farther you distance from the other. This will leave you with a lot of pain to deal with. And although other people are ready to help, support, and love you, you will be covered with the pain. It will be like a barrier that will prevent you from waking up to reality and be constantly trapped in the time where now, you regret the most.

As for me, I hope I find the way to live the life I chose, or the life that was here, destined for me. It’s like, something is so unclear.

Oh wait, now I get it. It just passed my head just now. I NOW KNOW why I am feeling like this right now. In ef ~A Tale of Memories~, I can strongly relate to Kei Shindou. Why Kei? Because she is in so much pain. A pain caused by the unclear feelings of Hirono for her. Hirono never told Kei what he really felt, until Kei finally understood that it was just sisterly and brotherly love and that the feelings she had for him is at wrong place. After that, Kei was contented with what the situation is, and Hirono then chose to love Miyako.

Like Kei, I really don’t know on what ground I am currently standing at. Because, she never told me. I know she knew what I felt, but she in fact, come to think of it, never ever told me what her feelings are or were all these time. Now I know – because I don’t know.

So overall, I gave this movie a rating of 9.7 and relational rating of 10. If you haven’t watched this movie yet, then you are definitely missing something. This movie is one of the best anime movie ever made.

One More Time, One More Chance
Lyrics and Vocals: Masayoshi Yamazaki
Arrangement: Toshiyuki Mori

Koreijou nani wo ushinaeba kokoro wa yurusareru no
Dore hodo no itami naraba mou ichido kimi ni aeru
One more time kisetsu yo utsurowanaide
One more time fuzake atta jikan yo

Kuichigau toki wa itsumo boku ga saki ni oreta ne
Wagamama na seikaku ga naosara itoshiku saseta
One more chance kioku ni ashi wo torarete
One more chance tsugi no basho wo erabenai

Itsudemo sagashite iru yo dokka ni kimi no sugata wo
Mukai no HOOMU rojiura no mado
Konna toko ni iru hazu mo nai no ni
Negai ga moshimo kanau nara ima sugu kimi no moto e
Dekinai koto wa mou nanimo nai
Subete kakete dakishimete miseru yo

Sabishisa magirasu dake nara
Dare demo ii hazu na no ni
Hoshi ga ochisou na yoru dakara
Jibun wo itsuwarenai
One more time kisetsu yo utsurowanaide
One more time fuzake atta jikan yo

Itsudemo sagashite iru yo dokka ni kimi no sugata wo
Kousaten demo yume no naka demo
Konna toko ni iru hazu mo nai no ni
Kiseki ga moshimo okoru nara ima sugu kimi ni misetai
Atarashii asa korekara no boku
Ienakatta suki to iu kotoba mo

Natsu no omoide ga mawaru fui ni kieta kodou

Itsudemo sagashite iru yo dokka ni kimi no sugata wo
Akegata no machi sakuragichou de
Konna toko ni kuru hazu mo nai no ni
Negai ga moshimo kanau nara ima sugu kimi no moto e
Dekinai koto wa mou nanimo nai
Subete kakete dakishimete miseru yo

Itsudemo sagashite iru yo dokka ni kimi no kakera wo
Tabisaki no mise shinbun no sumi
Konna toko ni aru hazu mo nai no ni
Kiseki ga moshimo okoru nara ima sugu kimi ni misetai
Atarashii asa kore kara no boku
Ienakatta suki to iu kotoba mo

Itsu demo sagashite shimau dokka ni kimi no egao wo
Kyuukou machi no fumikiri atari
Konna toko ni iru hazu mo nai no ni
Inochi ga kurikaesu naraba nandomo kimi no moto e
Hoshii mono nado mou nanimo nai
Kimi no hoka ni taisetsu na mono nado

One More Time, One More Chance
Transliteration and translation: daike
Translation support: Emma
Translation edit: icie:

How much more do I have to lose, before my heart is forgiven?
How many more pains do I have to suffer, to meet you once again?
One more time, oh seasons, fade not
One more time, when we were messing around

Whenever we disagreed, I would always give in first
Your selfish nature made me love you even more
One more chance, the memories restrain my steps
One more chance, I cannot choose my next destination

I’m always searching, for your figure to appear somewhere
On the opposite platform, in the windows along the lane
Even though I know you couldn’t be at such a place
If my wish were to come true, I would be at your side right away
There would be nothing I couldn’t do
I would put everything on the line and hold you tight
If I just wanted to avoid loneliness, anybody would have been enough.
Because the night looks like the stars will fall, I cannot lie to myself.
One more time, oh seasons, fade not.
One more time, when we were messing around

I’m always searching, for your figure to appear somewhere
At a street crossing, in the midst of dreams
Even though I know you couldn’t be at such a place
If a miracle were to happen here, I would show you right away
The new morning, who I’ll be from now on
And the words I never said: “I love you.”
The memories of summer are revolving
The throbbing which suddenly disappeared

I’m always searching, for your figure to appear somewhere
At dawn on the streets, at Sakuragi-cho
Even though I know you couldn’t be at such a place
If my wish were to come true, I would be at your side right away
There would be nothing I couldn’t do
I would put everything on the line and hold you tight

I’m always searching, for fragments of you to appear somewhere
At a traveller’s store, in the corner of newspaper,
Even though I know you couldn’t be at such a place
If a miracle were to happen here, I would show you right away
The new morning, who I’ll be from now on
And the words I never said: “I love you.”

I always end up looking for your smile, to appear somewhere
At the railroad crossing, waiting for the express to pass
Even though I know you couldn’t be at such a place
If our lives could be repeated, I would be at your side every time
I would want nothing else
Besides you, nothing else matters

Yeah, the lyrics of the song pierced my heart and tore it to pieces. The lyrics are absolutely beautiful. I can say the same for HER. Though you could never really be there…

P.S. Makoto Shinkai, you’re a genius!