Immortalizing Jyukai on YouTube!

Having only slept for three hours, I desperately tried to find a way to make the most of my “free” time. Then, it hit me. I’ve always wanted to upload the obscure Jyukai songs which nobody ever listens to! In fact, these three are my top favorite songs and yet they are on the verge of being thrown into the void of forgotten music.

Well, it stops now!

I have now uploaded the three songs on YouTube! I even took the liberty of painstakingly placing English subtitles on each of the videos, just so you can enjoy them at the fullest (which took me several hours by the way)! So turn on the subtitles/CC portion of the YouTube video, make sure to play them on the highest quality available, and enjoy! 🙂

心灯歌 -しんとうか-
The Heart’s Lamp

Released in 2007 as part of the harvest album and was an original single part of the “almost” compilation disc. This was the first song that truly struck a chord or two in me.

The Way Home

A piano+vocals piece released as part of the 2007 single Ai no Hoshi/Hanamuke no Melody in 2007. It’s just pure soul.

Omoide ni Naru Mae ni
Before You Turn into Memories

Probably the last single that will ever be released by Jyukai. It became part of the compilation album Jyukai BEST ~stairway to the future~ in 2010. The summation of everything Jyukai rolled into one and still my top favorite.

That’s it! I hope you liked them!


Let the past be not forgotten!

Since my last post was about Jyukai, the very reason this blog was up in the first place, let’s continue to bring back the past with two more of my favorites. 🙂


Lyrics : Manami
Music & Arrangement : Yoshiaki Dewa
Vocals : Jyukai

Before I knew it, it’s like as if you won’t disappear
I let you entwine our fingers, breathe in the same air, and sleep at a distance from each other

No one knows about tomorrow
That’s why I only keep on blinking, they’re burnt into my memories
Our time together, your actions,
I love you so much that it makes me feel uneasy.

Let me hear your words
Telling me, “You don’t have to cry anymore”, always
Let me hear it, that you’ll stay by my side more
Sing to me, until I fall asleep

Sometimes, you would show me your constantly quiet side
I’m happy about my complaints of it, that I’ve come to live for you

I’ll say “I’m truly sorry” with my immature love
Don’t think about things like being worn out
I’m a coward. Because, there is nothing else that I’m afraid of losing
More than you

Hey, embrace my body
Tell me, “You don’t have to cry anymore”
Hey, embrace me, like as if I can feel your body’s temperature
Sing to me, until I fall asleep

Because, the one who did so for me
I’m certain, yes, that it was you

So softly, like a cradle, it’s so warm being in your arms

Let me hear it now, with your voice, your words
Telling me about my sobbing self
Embrace me, strongly, strongly
Tell me, “You don’t need to have bad dreams anymore”
Will you sing to me? Until I fall asleep


Lyrics : Manami Watanabe
Music : Yoshiaki Dewa
Arrangement : Yoshiaki Dewa, Zentaro Watanabe
Vocals : Jyukai

Hey, I was able to think there is no such thing like a night that never turns to dawn
It’s because you were always there

“Don’t go anywhere, okay?” That’s how I strongly feel but
What could I do for you?

If I find a shooting star, will my wish be granted?
I wonder whether it will carry my unspoken words to you

“Thank you.” I want to convey this song to you from my heart
Because now, the feelings I realized are here with me
Leaning on your shoulder and having my fingers entwined with yours
The starlight that illuminated my clumsy steps

Hey, can you hear my voice calling for you?
Is it reaching into that heart of yours?

I found a shooting star under the same sky
So that I can protect your smile until the very end, forever…

The radiant, overlooked starlight in the clear, blue sky
I can’t say the words as well as my beloved feelings but
“Thank you.” I want to convey this song to you from my heart
Because now, I will never forget the feelings I realized

Ever wondered how my blog name came to be?

Rather than Googling it, let me just show you.

『Farewell Gift Melody』

「Aa Megami-sama ~Tatakau Tsubasa~ Ending Theme」

Lyrics : Manami
Music & Arrangement : Yoshiaki Dewa
Vocals : Jyukai

Earrings swaying in the orange setting sun and evening breeze,
Your eyes were cast down on the bench,
If you put out your cigarette, it’s “farewell”.

Because our last memories were all happy smiles
I won’t cry anymore

We who have been torn apart, some day in the future
Lets bloom a lovely, big flower
Goodbye, goodbye, with my trembling lips
I’ll send you a farewell kiss…softly

The veranda which the swallow left from, there are two sandals huddled together
Hey, our memories were scattered even to a place like this
Such dearly loved days

Just like this sky I looked up at,
Where are those things which never change?

At the yet unseen road that is made misty with my tears
The me who have been standing there, I wonder if I can become strong
Despite that, despite that, a new sun will rise, tomorrow will come
Even I…will surely too

To have things lost, and to gain something
“On that day when you pretended to be calm and waved at me”
I don’t regret it one bit

We who have been torn apart, some day in the future
Lets bloom a lovely, big flower
To have such days, to have such days where I loved someone so much,
Giving me a farewell gift… Yes, please believe me

Manami’s『 with… 』Live

Skip to 03:15 if you want to listen to the song only. I believe this is the live appearance on 渡辺マナミpresents『歌百花−第一夜-』last May 6 at 吉祥寺STAR PINE’S CAFE. (Not sure about this, if somebody can correct or confirm this please, I would appreciate it.)

I must say though, she really, really, REALLY must release more songs. ( ̄个 ̄)

Finally.. Jyukai @_@

*in case the video won’t load here, please click THIS LINK to view it.


Anyone got any ideas when and where this video was taken from? I’m leaping with joy the moment I found this. What more when I heard it? 🙂 And wow, they were really enjoying it!

Yey! This really made my that. And I’m surprised at how close Manami/Dewa are with Sachi. Great! 🙂

Transcriptions Puhleeease

..for the following, if you have some time. Thanks a lot 🙂

For the upper video, which is A Little Pain by Olivia Lufkin, I want a piano/guitar one if possible. Voice may or may not be included 🙂

Other songs which I cannot find a video anywhere on the net:

Kaerimichi by Jyukai.

Maiochiru Yuki no You ni by Suara.

In another news with regards to my life, I congratulate the Los Angeles Lakers for winning their championship earlier this day (+8GMT). I pity the Boston Celtics. They played so damn hard, but only 1 team has to win it. Congratulations also to the Netherlands for winning their first World Cup game, and also to Germany for the victory. It’s so sad however that they (Germans) lost to the Serbians a while ago 😦

I also happened to finish watching Nana, the anime. Wow, just wow! What a great show, especially Olivia! @_@. Now I want to buy the CD featuring Anna Tsuchiya inspi’ Nana of BLAST and Olivia Lufkin inspi’ Reira of Trapnest. Will there be a second season to this anime? Please let me know soon. Domo arigatou.

Ja ne.

Omoide ni Naru Mae ni

Courtesy of Keiri, I finally got an English translation of the song that struck my heart for months now. And as soon as I read the lyrics, I’ve been in love even deeper. This is the perfect mix of sorrow and emotion with words. Hey, that’s why I love Jyukai. Cheers and more power to them! ^^ (The following lyrics can be found in her site.)

*Apparently though, I can’t find a stream of the actual music somewhere. So I guess just buy their album (highly suggested^^) or download it illegally somewhere (not at all recommended).

Sing your heart out Manami ❤

『Omoide ni Naru Mae ni』

「Jyukai BEST ~Stairway to the future~」

Sakushi : Manami
Sakkyoku ・ Henkyoku : Yoshiaki Dewa
Uta : Jyukai

Sayonara shita
Ano hi no mama no shiroi KAATEN ga chiisaku yureta toki
Tsumetai kaze ga kono heya o yokogitta
Soko kara anata ga tabako o katte
Kaettekita no wa …maboroshi

Itsumo tooru kaerimichi
Ano kado o magareba hora futari no kioku ima wa
Tsumetaku natte ikutsumo korogatte
Maikai sore ni tsumazukisou ni naru kedo …maboroshi

Anata ga omoide ni naru mae ni
Motto aishiteru to tsutaereba yokatta
Anata ga omoide ni naru kurai nara kitto futari
Deawa nakereba yokattanda

Ato nanko no kisetsu ga, dore hodo no hitotachi ga sugite yukeba
Tokashite kurerun darou ARUBAMU hirakerun darou
Nee… Nee?

Anata ga omoide ni naru mae ni
Motto aishiteru to tsutaereba yokatta
Anata ga omoide ni naru kurai nara kitto futari
“Deawa nakereba yokatta ne.”
…da nante ienai yo!
Shiawase datta.

Ima wa akane sora ni kasaneteru
Anata no omoide…
Tsutaetakatta motto zutto

『Before You Turn into Memories』

「Jyukai BEST ~Stairway to the future~」

Lyrics : Manami
Music & Arrangement : Yoshiaki Dewa
Vocals : Jyukai

I bade you farewell
When the curtain that stayed white from that day quietly fluttered
A cold wind breezed through this room
Where you bought cigarettes
The fact that you returned here…is an illusion

On the road home which we always take
If you turn at that corner, see? Both of our memories are now
Becoming colder, many are falling over
I may look as though I’ll stumble over that every time… But it’s an illusion

Before you turn into memories
I should have told you that I love you more
Instead of having you become part of my memories, I’m sure…
I would rather we had never met

After how many seasons do I go through, how many people do I pass by
Will they then dissolve for me? The album will become opened, won’t it?
Right… Right?

Before you turn into memories
I should have told you that I love you more
Instead of having you become part of my memories, I’m sure…
“I would rather we had never met.”
…I’ll never be able to say that!
I felt blessed.

Now they’re piling up in the madder red sky
Memories of you…
I wanted to tell you about them, a lot more about them


@_@. Speechless. And OMG they have their own Twitter accounts. Yey!………..  It’s in Kanji. Boo! >< Again, I’m anticipating your NEXT single. Onegaishimasu. 🙂