True Tears Eps. 1~5

Yes, I know it was too little too late, but I just want to share something from this anime to those who haven’t watched it yet. Heck, I’m not yet in a position to do a recommendation, after having only watched the first 5 episodes, but I think everything is clear enough to me now.

First of all, this one has lots of potentials (standing from the 5-episode point of view). The unbelievable tension that’s building up with the main characters had been developed in an awesome way. What’s left now is the resolution, but I’ll leave that to the next 8 episodes.

The animation was nice, although I haven’t heard of any other anime made by P.A. Works yet. What made this anime intriguing was the fact that it was very detail-oriented. A lot of things are going through between-the-lines, and if you’ll re-watch it, it will make you smile and say, “Darn, why didn’t I see that earlier?” kind of stuff.

The voice acting was subpar, though emotions can be felt, I can say that they could’ve done a much better job.

Being another slice-of-life, harem-like genre, it contains a lot of potentials at the start, but certainly, could it be another disappointed? Certainly, I thought sola was a disappointment for me. I didn’t like what happened, but that’s just the way it is.

The OPs and EDs got me in a good mood, especially after knowing that eufonius’ REFLECTIA was the OP. The moment I heard her voice (from Clannad’s OP Megumeru), it was something magical, and cute as well. I liked the melody and overall, it was a good song really (speaking in an anime OP/ED point of view). Aira Yuki‘s Sekai no Namida wasn’t a bad ED after all (though the characters-marching-in-the-end scene was a little cliche in ED scenes).

The story seems to me, is the defining moment of True Tears. Aside from the “real world” scenes, Shinichiro manages to tell a story from a distant world every night (just like Clannad and ef ~A Tale of Memories~). Personally, I don’t having such scenes. I think it adds flavor to the story and what better way to cap it off is to link these side-stories to the main plot. The only problem is the transition and the resolution. In the end, I do hope I still rate True Tears as high as it was becoming now. I’ll probably give it a 7.5 out of 10 so far.




Next Project

As soon as I get my keyboard functioning again, I will try to finish this (first video – only halfway done) and start practicing on this (second video):

Enjoy! ^^

Announcement + Lyrics

Okay, here’s the announcement first:


Yes. Happy birthday to ~Hanamuke no Merodii. This marks the 365th day of its existence. I’m proud of you, haha! Finally, this blog has reached one year, and well, I learned a lot. A ton actually. Thanks to all that viewed and commented on this site, although this is a little random. I originally made this blog just to share my thoughts. But later on, I realized that a community of bloggers is a cool sphere of environment. You can ask for help and you will help as well. I didn’t expect the number of views as well, but I don’t really mind that. As long as I can be of help to anyone and that I share my everyday experiences, I’m more than happy with that.

For the past year, I have tackled about football, basketball, anime, manga, gaming, random rants, random announcements, and my life. I hope you enjoyed reading them as I enjoyed sharing them. ^^

Random Facts I’ve Put in my Blog:

  • Favorite Review/Favorite Anime(s) – Byousoku 5 cm, CLANNAD, Spice and Wolf, Fate Stay/Night, ef ~A Tale of Memories~, Myself; Yourself; Busou Renkin; Spiral Suiri no Kizuna
  • Favorite Characters – Narumi Ayumu (Spiral ~Suiri no Kizuna~); Tomoyo Sakagami (Clannad); Kei Shindou (ef ~A Tale of Memories~); Mokona (xxxHolic, Tsubasa Chronicles); Nanaka Yatsushiro (Myself; Yourself); Rider (Fate Stay/Night)
  • Favorite Songs – One More Time, One More Chance (Yamazaki Masayoshi); Shintouka (Jyukai)
  • Favorite Music Artist – Jyukai (Manami Watanabe, Dewa Yoshiaki)
  • Top Visited Posts – Pokemon Trainer Card (what the heck?); Resident Evil Poster; Toki wo Kizamu Uta/TORCH Release
  • Favorite Manga – Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles
  • Most Visited/Related/Linked Sites – Google, Keiri’s Byakuya ~White Night~, Amaya Lee’s Irreprehensible, Galanime, Chibi-Osts, Soccernet, Youtube, Jyukai’s Ameblo, Aimmy’s Ameblo, Mithfalath’s Lonely Road The Novel
  • Favorite Quote – “How much more do I have to lose, before my heart is forgiven? How many more pains to suffer, to meet you once again?” (One More Time One More Chance)
  • Favorite Football Teams – Aston Villa FC, SV Werder Bremen, Sevilla FC, AC Fiorentina, Juventus
  • Favorite Basketball Teams – Golden State Warriors, New Orleans Hornets
  • Favorite Events – Sembreak (“-_-) ; Christmas 2007; Novel Writing Month

Again, Otanjou-bi Omedetou Gozaimasu, ~Hanamuke no Merodii! ^^ Ü

Aside from that, I’m here to share some lyrics I’ve researched a while ago about the latest 2 videos I’ve posted here (Zenbu Kimidatta and Hachigatsu no Christmas; both sung by Yamazaki Masayoshi)

Zenbu Kimidatta
Yamazaki Masayoshi

Itsunomanika furidashita ame no oto
Isogiashi de iku kisetsu no
Owari o tsugeteiru
Fuini mado o tojikaketa te ga tomaru
Shibarakuwa kimi no koto
Omoidasazu ni itanoni
Sasaina koto kara no isakai wa
Itsumo futari no asu o kumoraseta
Imanara ano yoru o koerareu kana
Kimi no namida ni kotaerareru kana
Mune mo kurushikute harisakeru hodo
Zenbu kimi datta

Tagai no nuguikirenai sabishisa o
Sameta asa no hikari no naka de
Uyamuyani shitekita
Kokoro nimo nai uraharana kotoba de
Wazato futari wa kizutsukeattane
Ima nara joozuni tsutaerareu kana
Itsumo hohoemi ni kotaetakatta
Mune mo setsunakute kakimushiru hodo
Subete kimi datta

Toki wa shizukani kakegae no naimono o
Toozakatteiku hodo azayakani utsushidasu
Donnani yarusenai kimochi demo
Donna ni ashita ga mienakutemo
Nukumori dake o tayori ni shiteita

Yagate amaoto wa togire hajimete
Machi ga niwakani ugoki hajimeru
Kumo wa yukkuri suberi hajimete
Heya wa akarusa o torimodoshiteku
Kaze ga yasashiku hoho o nadeteyuku
Zenbu kimi datta
Zenbu kimi datta

Hachigatsu no Christmas
Yamazaki Masayoshi

Arifureta dekigoto ga
Konna ni mo aishiku natteru

Wazukana jikan demo
Tada kimi no soba ni ita katta

Ano natsu wo shinobu you ni
Konayuki ga mai oriru
Nari yamanu kane no you ni
Kimi to sugoshita hibi wo
Yasashiku tsutsunde hoshii

Boku no kioku mo itsuka
Tooi sora ni kaette yuku no darou ka

Kako kara no tayori no you ni
Konayuki wa mai orite
Garasu goshi fuyu no asa
Kokoro ni himeta omoi
Kimi ni todokete hoshii

Dore kurai no namida ga nokotteru darou
Ima wa shizuka ni me wo tojiru dakede…

Omoide wo kataru you ni
Konayuki ga mai oriru
Kanashimi ni kurenu you ni
Hohoemi wo tayasanu you ni
Hi wa meguri furikaereba

Tashikani kimi ga ita ano natsu no hi ni
Tashikani boku ga ita hachi-gatsu no sora no shita


Weee. I’ve already reached the 10th chapter of my novel. I’m overwhelmed. Thanks to those who are reading that and anticipating every chapter. ^^ In case you haven’t read it yet, then why don’t you check it out. CLICK HERE to read my on-going novel. ^^

Meanwhile, I’m searching for the MP3s of Yamazaki Masayoshi’s Hachigatsu no Christmas and Zenbu Kimidatta. Please, if anyone have them, or knows where I can download them – I’m begging you, where can I find one. I super love those songs! ^^ I neeeeeeeeeeeed to have it……!!!! AAAAAAAARgh.. Thanks in advance! ^^

Meanwhile, SV Werder Bremen haven’t won a game yet in UCL! That’s nuts. Not even against Panathinaikos, nor Anorthosis Famagusta. This is insane! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Why can’t they win. T-T Even AC Fiorentina can’t win. Waaaahh. Noooo. T-T Luckily though, Aston Villa FC and Sevilla FC are winning in the UEFA Cup. ^^ Yey, congratulations to them.

I haven’t got the chance to watch NBA now that’s why I didn’t join any fantasy games. Haha.

And another thing..




MORE. . .

You know who you are…


To all the people out there who are: 1. Japanese and English speakers; and know how to translate from Japanese to English, and 2. are music enthusiasts.

I have a huge favor to ask. Could somebody please translate to English Yamazaki Masayoshi’s Zenbu Kimidatta (山崎まさよし – 全部、君だった) because it really is a good song. But it will be a lot better if I could understand it. Arigatou! ^^

Toki wo Kizamu Uta / TORCH Single Release

I’ve listened to both songs and they are both good overall.

I’m amazed at how Lia’s voice can be this refined. She adjusts and makes transitions from high pitch to low pitch in a pinch, without losing her wonderful voice quality. I like Toki wo Kizamu Uta (lit. A Song to Pass the Time). Although I feel that the TV Size version is the more “complete” version of the song. The TV size alone is suffice to deliver the goods plus, I think the single is the one who “readjusted” to the anime version. But then, the song is good overall, so no worries here.

Meanwhile, TORCH has a really catchy and good notes (plus, don’t forget the somewhat “dango” bouncing sounds in between haha! ^^) It suits the ED of Clannad AS really well. Her voice here resonates with the music. The song really is lively and mesmerizing. Good single. ^^

To those who are looking for downloads, you can check out the new site of AnimeScores, Chibi-Osts. Read their disclaimer first before clicking the links. Just create your account first. Enjoy. ^^