ufotable releases Fate/Stay Night Plans!

It’s happening! The Unlimited Blade Works route is getting the anime series starting on October 4 and Heaven’s Feel will be an animated film! You can view below the newest promotional video for the UBW series:

Rejoice! :3

Sources: Siliconera 1 || Siliconera 2


Fate/Stay Night by ufotable!!!


If you remember, a couple of months ago, I’ve written how ufotable brought justice to the Fate series – and looks like we’ll be looking at more of that from the incoming Fate/Stay Night! Since being announced last July (Source1, Source2), we’ve all anticipated it to be a mega-awesome piece of art and we all can’t wait for it to be delivered!!

Now – one of the glaring questions at that time was: What route will it take? We know the previous F/SN has tackled on Fate and it did disappoint some VN fans (not because of the choice but mainly because of the production and the way it’s done). But, according to some sources, looks like we should be getting the Heaven’s Feel route this time around – which should be a blast as this is the most standout route on F/SN!!

Anyway, the video trailer can be seen here from Siliconera (which is available for all countries) and here (with screencaps). Let the waiting game commence!!

Type-Moon’s Latest: Fate Apocrypha

It was only 2 days ago that I learned about the first volume release of this cancelled-game-turned-light-novel by Type-Moon. I managed to read the English translation with lots of thanks to the folks over at Baka-Tsuki. To my ‘slight’ surprise, it immediately delves on darker themes and I felt a very heavy atmosphere on the first few paragraphs. Well, even until the end actually. But it’s an intriguing-dark kind of way, you know what I mean? I just can’t wait to get this turned into anime!

I can’t review it really right now because there’s only this one volume that’s released, so we’ll have to stick around some more and see where this goes. The list of servants, however, have been announced. There will be 14 of them this time around, 7 from one faction and the rest to another faction. You can check here the full list of the servants and if the images aren’t exciting enough, I’m pretty sure their skills and even Noble Phantasms do! I mean just look at this Shakespeare and Frankenstein!

Looking forward to Volume II then! Give me a holler when it’s out, will ya?! 🙂

Fate/Apocrypha Light Novel Release Date

Image courtesy of this link.

I have a post about this one months ago, but a recent Type-Moon Magazine leak that was scanned reveals the release date to be somewhere around mid-December 2012 – featuring Jeanne D’ Arc as a three-roled servant: Saber, Lancer and Ruler. According to the sources, this also deviates from the original lore in that 14 servants participate in this one, instead of the usual 7.

For the other servants in its original conception, see this link here.

Sources: AnimeForum | AnimePaw

Fate/Zero and ufotable – Bringing Justice to Type-Moon’s Fate Series

Before I start this, here’s something you might want to listen to while reading (Jyukai’s Hikari used as Fate stay/night’s ED in Episode 14):

Just this last weekend, we witnessed the end of Zero and the beginning of stay/night – a man who clung on to his heroic ideals but was eventually brought down to his knees by the very thing he wanted the most. I know this is not news to you, but the destruction of Fuyuki City shows that in order to attain peace, sacrifices will have to be made – a lot of them, actually.

Arguably, Fate/Zero is the better of the two Anime series adaptation of Type-Moon’s Fate. However, the Fate stay/night game is actually quite good, and I know that a lot of fans are disappointed at how it turned out. So if you haven’t tried the game yet, just give it a go and you won’t be disappointed.

The animation right off the bat from the hour-long Episode 1 of the first season is absolutely terrific (I still get goosebumps upon rewatching the episode 1, especially after all servants have been summoned)! Even the use of CGI during Berserker’s and Caster’s fights are downright awesome. The fight scenes are what you’d expect from history’s most renowned heroes, although I must admit that the most anticipated Rider vs Gilgamesh face-off fell short of the action I was expecting to see (this is from the viewpoint of someone who has not yet read the novel). The colors were great and there was considerable attention to detail. However, towards the middle of the first season, it seems that the outstanding quality faded off inexplicably, evident in some of Waver and Rider scenes. Thankfully though, the start of Fate/Zero S2 lifted the series back to where it truly belongs, culminating in Caster’s defeat via Excalibur.

I also have no complaints on the sound effects and voice acting, though I just realized that I could not clearly remember mesmerizing over the background music – unlike that of Fate stay/night. The OP and ED were topnotch – LiSa and Kalafina reminding us what they can deliver, as well as the newcomers to the industry, Aoi Eir and Haruna Luna. It’s hard to choose which of them is my favorite though, but if I have to, it will have to be LiSa’s oath sign by a slight margin.

As for the story part, needless to say, it’s definitely well-written and enjoyable all throughout. Kudos to them writers! It was a great battle of wits.

All in all – it’s been a great ride. I can’t remember enjoying this much since watching Gundam 00 and all action enthusiasts should definitely check this one out. Now all that’s needed is an announcement regarding the next Fate production, as well as my very own summoning circle (Archer class please)! 😛

IMO, it’s a 9.0/10.

Tooi Sekai + F/S Night Movie

How can something so short be something so… emotional… Makoto Shinkai, I really praise you..  (How come I haven’t seen this before. ><)

Aside from that, I will be anticipating of what-would-be a movie (theatrical) adaptation of Fate/stay Night, believed to be worked under the Unlimited Blade Works arc (?).  I’m hoping to watch this as soon as it is released. ^^ Pretty much excited, I guess. 🙂

Source: Anime News Network on F/SN Movie’s release