Clara C releases “FISH” MV



CLARA releases “FISH” MV trailer!

Hmm, don’t know how the whole song sounds like – giving the whole instrumental depth and all, because I already liked the acoustic version. But we’ll see…

Thanks Clara for this wonderful song! 🙂

CLARA C – Art in my Heart

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It was a delayed holidays present to myself, but it was well worth the wait. Clara’s debut album finally reached my hands – which was a little overdue actually. I was supposed to grab this way back December 1 when she held her solo performance (albeit with Charles Tan) at the Music Museum – but they ran out of stock! Luckily, they offered to have one shipped “in the next few days”. Days turned to weeks and turned to a month – until last Friday, I received a claim slip for a package that has just been shipped. Without a doubt in my mind, it had to be this. 🙂

The art in the cover (no pun intended) is very… hmm, how I say this, Clara-like? It featured some of the instruments the talented gal can play. I’m just wondering why her world famous guitar wasn’t in the box art. In any case, the CD package contained a lyric book and a little note to all her fans – which is extra nice! I could imagine her actually saying those words having met her in person, and I could tell that she really meant it.

After listening to all the songs a couple of times, I must say that there is something that is being overshadowed by her enchanting voice – and that is – the lyrics of the songs, especially Fool’s Gold and Dear Daphne. I’m not quite sure if she’s the one writing them, but I believe she does. These two instantly became my favorite in the list (along with Heartstrings), and it’s easy to tell why:

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