A Fate-ful Holidays to All!

It might be a bit late, but hey, better late than never!

I wish you all had a cracking, festive season of holidays! Enjoy what little remains of the year and keep your head up for a 2012 that’s full of promises and hope!

On another note, Fate/Zero Season 1 has just ended in a supposedly-bang-but-instead-a-ufotable-expected-cliffhanger. ufotable did the Fate series a justice. Though I am hugely favorable of F/Z, I guess F/SN has its own charms as well. F/SN started as a visual novel, so it was quite easier to convert it to anime, unlike F/Z which started as a light novel (please correct me on this one). Again, Baka-Tsuki has fully translated the novel in English, so if you want to read it, follow this link.

F/Z has a great cast which are very likable. The story is engrossing and I can’t wait to read the novel myself. The animation is simply stunning, with favorable music here and there. The OP and ED however are stand-outs! To those followers, I am a huge critic of the OPs and EDs being used in a series, and I felt that Memoria and oath sign are just perfect.

Being a novel originally, I understand where all the dialogue are coming from, instead of the most awaited duel scenes among the servants. If you are still new to the Fate series, again, it’s never too late. You might want to watch F/SN first before F/Z so that things won’t be.. uhm.. how should I say this — anticlimactic?

Anyway, Season 2 starts on April 2012. Mark that on your calendars, folks!

As for other news, Carnival Phantasm will have a 12-minute special – Fate/Prototype which is somewhat a spin-off of F/SN. For more details, you may read here.

I would like to have a full-blown series of Fate with a male Saber class! May it be, Fate/Extra, Fate/Apocrypha, Fate/Zero, Fate/Stay Night, every Saber is a female. We need a male swordie!

Anyway, that’s enough ranting. Happy new year to all! 🙂


Year-End Post

So yes, here we are again! The time of the year where every person is kind and generous – Christmas. But then, let us not forget the very reason why we are all celebrating this in the first place. Let us spend an hour in the church to say our thanks to a magnificent past year. Merry Christmas to all! 🙂 Merry Christmas to my blog as well, whom I have spared very little time with. I actually regret every moment I wanted to put up a new post, but did not materialize. So I’m giving my all in this post. Well, not really. Just a little. Haha. But at least, I tried. Hahaha.

I have been very busy lately – couple of projects from major subjects, thesis, reviewing for job interviews, etc. My projects are doing well and my thesis is almost done (except the documentation proper). However, I am actually worried for my incoming job hunt. I don’t feel like I have the sufficient knowledge to be able to propel myself into greater heights. All I have now is booming confidence and motivation. (Yes, finally, motivation!) I had my very first job interview last week in Ascott Hotel, Makati for a semi-conductor company (Toshiba). That includes 3-layers of interview, which when passed, gives one the chance to work in Japan! How’s that for a dream job? 🙂

Anime-wise, I can’t believe I still haven’t finished even the first season of Honey and Clover! It’s not that I don’t like it, but I’m afraid that if I watch even two episodes in succession, I might lose track of time. However, I have managed to finish watching Giant Killing, and it was great!  A superb combination of sports, entertainment, and thrill indeed! It’s a must watch for football enthusiasts. I might actually create another review in the not so near future. Hahahaha. 🙂 [I can’t wait for Makoto Shinkai’s next film!]

I’m also enjoying the tabs I found for the songs of SCANDAL. The tabber(s) did an amazing job (from SCANDAL HEAVEN forums) and it’s such a pleasure to play and sing their songs. They are as great as ever! On the other hand, Jyukai haven’t had any updates recently (industry-wise), so it’s a bit sad. If you have any news about them, could you please update me? Thank you so much!

After the New Orleans Hornets started out the season with a bang, they are freely falling right now. Well, at least the Atlanta Hawks are putting up a decent fight. Tottenham Hotspurs are also fantastic this season (especially Gareth Bale and of course, my favorite player Rafael van der Vaart). Lazio, likewise, are doing an incredible job in the Serie A this season (with the reborn Mauro Zarate and great signing Hernanes). Sevilla… uhm, well.. I’d rather not talk about them.

That’s it for now I guess. See you again next time.


‘Tis the Season + Makoto Shinkai New Film

And yes, I have finally written a blog post for a very long time! Nice to be back, Hanamuke.

Anyway, Christmas is just around the corner and I really can’t wait for it! Ever since I was a child, I have always this excited feeling whenever I get to see Christmas decorations everywhere. Just like last night, I was in Cubao and I saw this really huge Christmas tree just between Farmer’s and Gateway Mall with all sorts of great decorations. Seeing that just lit up the kid in me and I really can’t stress enough how excited I am hahaha.

But the sad part is that I am not done yet with my thesis. Booo! Haha.

Anyway, my major reason for this post here is to announce further announcements from Sir Makoto Shinkai‘s new film, which now has a title and a trailer!

The official title I think is Hoshi o Ou Kodomo: Children Who Chase Lost Voices From Deep Below. Well actually, the literal translation is Children Who Chase The Stars, but I guess a little English addition won’t just (just like Beyond the Clouds, The Promised Place). A little excerpt from Shinkai’s post:

The conception of my recent movie, “Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo” goes back to a children story I read when I was going to elementary school. I was about ten years old at the time and the story really moved me because it was full of secrets of life and wonders of the world I had no idea about – like first love or the feeling of going on a journey together with friends. It was also full of mysterious concepts like taste of water or color of the air, or the fact that even the adults have worries. Or that there’s a side to each of us we ourselves don’t know about. That light and shadow, life and death, exist side by side in this world. It made me intellectually excited but it also made my chest hurt.

When I started working on this movie a year and half ago, I wrote down a bunch of keywords – “loss”, “modern fantasy for young audience”, “a girl turning into a woman”, “a boy who lost his home”, “a man who rationally decided not to believe reason”, and so on. I think I made those to help myself and the staff throughout the long creative process, but the movie that we want you to see isn’t just a strict reproduction of a set of pre-written keywords and outlines. We want you to experience the same deep emotions that moved us so much before. And I wanted to express that feeling in an anime movie for the young.

“Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo” is a story about a boy and a girl, embracing all kinds of happiness and sadness on their run through the vivid colorful world. It is the kind of movie I myself have always wanted to see so I hope as many of you as possible will feel the same. Please, look forward to the release.

Makoto Shinkai, November 2010

And HERE is the website of the new film. You can also watch the trailer HERE. (You can also watch the trailer from the official website).

I CAN’T WAIT for my eyes and my *ehem* emotions to feast on this one. Let’s go Shinkai-san!

More screenies HERE.

Sources: Cherry Blossoms Falling Forums, Anime News Network

Updates + THE CHOICE [Nicholas Sparks] Overview

~Hanamuke no Merodii,

Hi. It’s been a while since I’ve written on ya. I just want to say that being on vacation is a blast! Half truth, half lie. Haha. But what matters most is that I got my much needed rest. It was way too quiet in the province than in the city. But I still felt the holidays and the yuletide season. And now? It’s gone.. XD Back to reality… Aaaargh.

Meanwhile, Aston Villa, Sevilla, and Fiorentina remained at the top four of their respective leagues! ^^ (all 4th to be precise, haha) However, I really hope that Ashley Young won’t go to Real Madrid. I also hope that Tottenham, Schalke, Werder Bremen, and Roma all move a little higher in their respective league tables.

In the NBA, the Atlanta Hawks and the New Orleans Hornets are doing quite well in their respective conferences. Mike Bibby has somehow retained his Sacramento days while Chris Paul is still IMO the best PG in the league right now.

I also played Personal 2: Eternal Punishment the whole vacation long. Haha. It’s actually a good PS1 RPG game that is as enjoyable as Suikoden II. I really recommend it to all gamers and RPG enthusiasts. In line with this, I will soon watch Persona [anime].

As for anime, I will ASAP catch up with Clannad: After Story, Chaos;Head, and Ef: A Tale of Melodies. I will also watch Perfect Blue and Paranoia Agent. Argh so many things to watch with so little free time at hand. XD

As for my novel, I will continue writing it, but not as dedicated as before. I will update chapters indefinitely now, because of my hectic schedule. XD Probably a chapter a week, at most 2 or 3. It depends upon the situation really. At least for now, Lonely Road has already reached 16 chapters. I’m very happy for that. ^^

I bought myself the best Christmas present to myself this yuletide season – a new keyboard! ^^ It’s absolutely wonderful and I like it. Though it’s just Casio, I still love it. ^^ I can finally finish playing One More Time, One More Chance and Your Hand in Mine. I think I’ll finish River Flows in You as well. ^^ Yeah! Good luck to me!

Also, I’m still waiting for the next releases of Jyukai and/or Aimmy. ^^ Sigh.. Manami has such a wonderful voice. I just don’t get tired listening to her the whole day!

OMG. She's so beautiful... ^^

OMG. She's so beautiful... ^^

The Choice – Nicholas Sparks

A wonderful, heart-melting, touching story written yet again by Nicholas Sparks. In case you don’t know him, he is the writer of Message in A Bottle, The Notebook, and A Walk to Remember – all played in major motion pictures. It answers the ultimate question of “How far would you go in the name of love.”

A story about young love but adult persons, I never thought that I’d enjoy reading it. At first, I thought it was just a plain story-telling adventure of a man in search of love. But as the chapters progress, it amazes me more and more. And I mean, more! It is unbelievably, wonderfully told! Really a page-turner. I couldn’t imagine I could shed a tear by reading a book.

I recommend it to people of all ages. ^^

Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Only a week from now and we’ll be celebrating the birth of Christ. Cheers to all! The day that we’ve been waiting for is finally here. However, 364 days we have waited; 24 hours it will last. ><

In lieu of this, my blogs will be undergoing its much needed rest as well (~Hanamuke no Merodii, Lonely Road) for about two weeks.

As I return back here on January 4, 2009 (weeee, a new year!), I will review the book that I will read + chapter updates of Lonely Road.

Enjoy the holidays! =)

P.S. Listen to the song Winter Song by Jyukai. Obviously, the theme is Christmas. Really cute. ^^

Plus! Here’s a Christmas Emotion for all of you, especially made by the NBA. Enjoy! ^^

The Glove and C-Webb on Nene's dunk on Yao

The Glove and C-Webb on Nene's dunk on Yao

Is it THAT nasty? XD