Happy Birthday, Hanamuke!



So we’re at that time of the year again! It’s Hanamuke no Merodii‘s 6th birthday!! Congratulations!!!

Since this is somewhat a special day for the both of us, I can try to be very optimistic and all but things look dimmer at the horizon. I haven’t written anything in ages, even though I did promise to change that several months ago. Believe me though, I’m still trying to figure out a way to change all that – I’ve tried changing my mindset and even my environment back to how it was – but it was never the same. It’s a past that could no longer be recovered. Which brings me to my question – why is there a need for revive the fallen when a new one can be born?

Anyway, this discussion can go on forever and it will still be a rhetorical question – and I’m not willing to go in any deeper – not at this topic, not anytime soon (what a subtle way to evade the situation -_-“). The good thing is that I’ve never given up, and you certainly never did as well.  Thank you for that.

But what I can tell you is that this year has suddenly become different from the past ones. It will be very different from now on… Hanamuke, I wish I can tell you everything but there’s always a place and time for everything. Soon, you shall know.

In any case – this is just me dropping by, waving at you, and constantly hoping and praying that we’ll go back to where we are before. I guess that’s just my sickness and my curse – I do not welcome change.

Again, happy birthday and many more to come!! Talk to you soon.


It’s My Birthday! – Hanamuke

Before anything else, I can’t believe it’s been more than a month since I last posted something here! I deeply apologize for that. =;=

In other news, I wasn’t able to keep my promise to bring in more content and insight to my blog this year. I think I promised that exactly 1 year ago – but I guess promises really are made to be broken. But I’ll make it up this time around (as in exactly in this post. LOL).

5 years ago, I literally can’t get off my bed because of a stubborn fever that kept me from doing anything else but sleeping. So I grabbed my roommate’s laptop to look for something to pass the time and guess what, I stumbled upon a music blog that’s so eloquently written, it actually motivated to make my own! Hence, the birth of this little space of mine. I initially created this to post updates on Jyukai 樹海, as well as blabber about some fandom rants. Several years since then, this blog actually evolved into a more anime/personal/sports/music/absolutely-whatever oriented blog, which is way better than it initially was. This became my outlet for everything I felt like pouring out to the world when no one seemed to care. At some points in this blog’s timeline, I had actually considered closing this one down. If that was continued, that would have been one of the greatest regrets of my life.

Now that the drama’s out of the way, I’m just looking for more fruitful years with this blog o’ mine, and I really hope to produce more content and thoughts along the way. To all the readers, passers-by, and haters alike, thank you for sticking around! 🙂

Happy Birthday, Hanamuke!

******IN OTHER NEWS******

I have been watching (and re-watching) a lot of Fairy Tail recently – it really has a great story line (as well as plot and twists) for a Shounen manga/anime. Also, a lot of its music has been instantly added to my MP3 list. Fairy Tail boasts a great list of OPs and EDs and it’s a definitely a big plus for me. The animation, voice-overs, and effects are of a great quality too, so I’m finding it hard to spoil myself by reading the manga. I guess I’m sticking with the anime.

I’ve also finally grabbed a copy of Hoshi ni Ou Kodomo, as well as the first few episodes of Little Busters! and Code:Breaker. If I find the time, I’ll definitely be watching them as well.

Lastly, I managed to continue writing down my plot for my light novel, but due to my unstable work conditions, I haven’t restarted again since last Wednesday midnight. Several hours later (of not writing), another 7.3 earthquake struck at the eastern coast of Japan. *sigh* Is this a sign?! But – I will definitely finish it – before 2013 ends, that is. 😛

Please continue to look forward for it.

Ciao for now! 🙂

Happy Birthday, ~Hanamuke!

It has been a very disappointing year by my standards. Not only does the quantity of posts decreased, but so as the quality. This is quite a problem. I can’t believe I’m having a hard time to think of a post when about 3 to 4 years ago, I would easily find time and a topic to rant about.

Anyway, what’s done is done. Let’s just get back up on our feet and welcome an encouraging 2012. More music, more anime, and more life experiences could all be translated to writings. I’m looking forward to the rejuvenation! 🙂

Happy 4th birthday to my blog. Thanks for always being there! Cheers!

My blog’s birthday is actually December 5, 2007. Soooo, yeah, I’m a little late. XD

Announcement + Lyrics

Okay, here’s the announcement first:


Yes. Happy birthday to ~Hanamuke no Merodii. This marks the 365th day of its existence. I’m proud of you, haha! Finally, this blog has reached one year, and well, I learned a lot. A ton actually. Thanks to all that viewed and commented on this site, although this is a little random. I originally made this blog just to share my thoughts. But later on, I realized that a community of bloggers is a cool sphere of environment. You can ask for help and you will help as well. I didn’t expect the number of views as well, but I don’t really mind that. As long as I can be of help to anyone and that I share my everyday experiences, I’m more than happy with that.

For the past year, I have tackled about football, basketball, anime, manga, gaming, random rants, random announcements, and my life. I hope you enjoyed reading them as I enjoyed sharing them. ^^

Random Facts I’ve Put in my Blog:

  • Favorite Review/Favorite Anime(s) – Byousoku 5 cm, CLANNAD, Spice and Wolf, Fate Stay/Night, ef ~A Tale of Memories~, Myself; Yourself; Busou Renkin; Spiral Suiri no Kizuna
  • Favorite Characters – Narumi Ayumu (Spiral ~Suiri no Kizuna~); Tomoyo Sakagami (Clannad); Kei Shindou (ef ~A Tale of Memories~); Mokona (xxxHolic, Tsubasa Chronicles); Nanaka Yatsushiro (Myself; Yourself); Rider (Fate Stay/Night)
  • Favorite Songs – One More Time, One More Chance (Yamazaki Masayoshi); Shintouka (Jyukai)
  • Favorite Music Artist – Jyukai (Manami Watanabe, Dewa Yoshiaki)
  • Top Visited Posts – Pokemon Trainer Card (what the heck?); Resident Evil Poster; Toki wo Kizamu Uta/TORCH Release
  • Favorite Manga – Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles
  • Most Visited/Related/Linked Sites – Google, Keiri’s Byakuya ~White Night~, Amaya Lee’s Irreprehensible, Galanime, Chibi-Osts, Soccernet, Youtube, Jyukai’s Ameblo, Aimmy’s Ameblo, Mithfalath’s Lonely Road The Novel
  • Favorite Quote – “How much more do I have to lose, before my heart is forgiven? How many more pains to suffer, to meet you once again?” (One More Time One More Chance)
  • Favorite Football Teams – Aston Villa FC, SV Werder Bremen, Sevilla FC, AC Fiorentina, Juventus
  • Favorite Basketball Teams – Golden State Warriors, New Orleans Hornets
  • Favorite Events – Sembreak (“-_-) ; Christmas 2007; Novel Writing Month

Again, Otanjou-bi Omedetou Gozaimasu, ~Hanamuke no Merodii! ^^ Ü

Aside from that, I’m here to share some lyrics I’ve researched a while ago about the latest 2 videos I’ve posted here (Zenbu Kimidatta and Hachigatsu no Christmas; both sung by Yamazaki Masayoshi)

Zenbu Kimidatta
Yamazaki Masayoshi

Itsunomanika furidashita ame no oto
Isogiashi de iku kisetsu no
Owari o tsugeteiru
Fuini mado o tojikaketa te ga tomaru
Shibarakuwa kimi no koto
Omoidasazu ni itanoni
Sasaina koto kara no isakai wa
Itsumo futari no asu o kumoraseta
Imanara ano yoru o koerareu kana
Kimi no namida ni kotaerareru kana
Mune mo kurushikute harisakeru hodo
Zenbu kimi datta

Tagai no nuguikirenai sabishisa o
Sameta asa no hikari no naka de
Uyamuyani shitekita
Kokoro nimo nai uraharana kotoba de
Wazato futari wa kizutsukeattane
Ima nara joozuni tsutaerareu kana
Itsumo hohoemi ni kotaetakatta
Mune mo setsunakute kakimushiru hodo
Subete kimi datta

Toki wa shizukani kakegae no naimono o
Toozakatteiku hodo azayakani utsushidasu
Donnani yarusenai kimochi demo
Donna ni ashita ga mienakutemo
Nukumori dake o tayori ni shiteita

Yagate amaoto wa togire hajimete
Machi ga niwakani ugoki hajimeru
Kumo wa yukkuri suberi hajimete
Heya wa akarusa o torimodoshiteku
Kaze ga yasashiku hoho o nadeteyuku
Zenbu kimi datta
Zenbu kimi datta

Hachigatsu no Christmas
Yamazaki Masayoshi

Arifureta dekigoto ga
Konna ni mo aishiku natteru

Wazukana jikan demo
Tada kimi no soba ni ita katta

Ano natsu wo shinobu you ni
Konayuki ga mai oriru
Nari yamanu kane no you ni
Kimi to sugoshita hibi wo
Yasashiku tsutsunde hoshii

Boku no kioku mo itsuka
Tooi sora ni kaette yuku no darou ka

Kako kara no tayori no you ni
Konayuki wa mai orite
Garasu goshi fuyu no asa
Kokoro ni himeta omoi
Kimi ni todokete hoshii

Dore kurai no namida ga nokotteru darou
Ima wa shizuka ni me wo tojiru dakede…

Omoide wo kataru you ni
Konayuki ga mai oriru
Kanashimi ni kurenu you ni
Hohoemi wo tayasanu you ni
Hi wa meguri furikaereba

Tashikani kimi ga ita ano natsu no hi ni
Tashikani boku ga ita hachi-gatsu no sora no shita

Get Together @ Pen-Pen’s

Yesterday, we got a little reunion as our friend Steph went home here in the Philippines after staying in the states for about 3 straight years. It was really fun in there, especially with all my old friends there. Since we never really got to meet each other quite often, we chatted and talked stories of ourselves with each other for a really, really long time. Haha. Makes me miss my high school days so much!

Those who were present are of course me, Steph, Audrey (it’s the end of the world if she can’t go), Mondi (earliest bird ^^), Kim (2nd person to arrive), Jake (fashionista again? haha), Saundra (as usual they were 1 hour late) , Carleene (oh my, you have a long hair already! mukha ka nang babae wahahaha!), Genevieve (doesn’t change much haha), Bea (i thought you couldn’t come?), Kuya Jodi, Kuya Shinji (almost the same hairstyle as Jake haha), Kuya Mark, Kigi, Nikka (handed over the invitations for her debut), Teta (short hair) and Christine. I think’s that’s about it.

We talked about each other’s lovelife, acads, stories of the road, etc. We also played the National Game in the 52-Deck Playing Cards (Pusoy Dos wahahaha!), some sang in the Magic Sing, and anything else you would’ve regreted for not coming along! ^^

We talked about how Kevin Hukom had his mannerism, how Avogadro and Armstrong got stranded in the Kaisahan Gen. Merchandise, how we used to play Ice Ice Water after general cleanings and how Mang Bench would stop the activities at 1800 sharp! How our Ibong Adarna play had its share of special moments. How Dan Edward sang Harana in front of everyone else for Trisha and Trisha alone! How Kevin Hukom (again!) had his siomai like wood crawler or catterpillar or something in a jar with lots of sawdust. How we talked about how one of us got a GWA of 1.25 as a med student! O.o… ~_~… How we were still together with you know who.. (Kinda annoying really! ~_~) How Jocel got the central topic of our conversation at about 0030. How our lives were coming along in college. How we missed each other (awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!) (or at least I did miss them! and will mist them!) (another awwwwwwwwwwwww!!!) How………….. and all that stuff!
Thanks for the time guys and thanks for coming along!.. ^^, Sure everyone had a nice day. ^^

Auf wiedersehen! ^^,

EDIT: Will upload pix as soon as Penpen and Kim gave me a copy of theirs. Haha. ^^

EDIT: Wah eto na po ung pics! Pero di pa complete to. Thanks to Nikka, Penpen, and Kim for these images. ^^ Errrr, I’m sorry it’s not organized. However, u can check Nikka’s Multiply for a better view. ^^, Thanks!^^