The Dream of a Small Star

A Heaven where humans and robots are inseparable – that is the final wish of Yumemi Hoshino (also known as Reverie Planetarian in the English version), a robot designed to assist in the showing of a planetarium inside a department store in a world that has left them.

[ Planetrian: Chiisana Hoshi no Yume; planetarian ~ちいさなほしのゆめ~; Planetarian: The Reverie of a Little Planet ] is one of Visual Art’s/Keys visual novels produced in 2004. Unlike the other visual novels, this one is more static in a sense that you do not choose any options at all – so it is a straight-forward storytelling. The story begins when a middle-aged man enters a building in hopes of evading the war machines that are all over the place. Inside, he meets Yumemi/Reverie who offers him to show a special commemorative planetarium projection from a machine known as Miss Jena, for being the 2,500,000th customer (even though he’s not exactly the 2,500,000th). The contrasting attitude of the two makes the reading worthwhile – an energetic, playful, caring, and ever-so-curious Reverie just wanted their customer, only known as “the junker”, to feel comfortable – but he only feels terribly annoyed by her ‘bothersome’ characteristics.

The pace of the whole story feels a bit slow than any of Key’s first novels, so it somehow feels kinda boring at first. But as it reaches the end, it picks up pace, especially when they exit the building to enter the real world that Reverie has been deprived of. From hereon, the story reveals itself to a more serious tone that reaches to a very dramatic ending. One that is completely expected – but I have failed to do so. I’m almost usually very predictive in endings, but somehow, I didn’t see this coming – or maybe, it is that I never wanted it to end ‘that’ way. Having the whole story between the two of them alone and with no other scenario but inside and outside the building, the plot revolves around the evolution of the junker’s feelings and relationship toward Reverie – and that’s what makes it hard to accept how it all ended. In any case, the story really feels Key-like and is definitely a must-read for all fans.

The music is, of course, very appropriate to the story and very pleasing to the ears – adding to the already well-presented mood this visual novel has.

Although the male protagonist does not speak, the emotions are ‘well-versed’ in Reverie. The graphics are ok, and the CG are good too, albeit the very limited occurrences.

Overall, Visual Art’s/Key never fails to produce a top-notch visual novel! This heart-warming story is not to be missed by Kanon/Air/Clannad fans and everything that falls within the same genre. I will definitely re-read it sometime soon. Now, my only wish is for an OVA!!


Little Busters! Trailer

So I announced in this post before the anime adaptation of Key’s Little Busters! Well, it took me some time to realize that a trailer has been produced already; just thought to put it here.

I’m sold just for that music alone! Really looking forward to this one! 🙂

OMG Key!

How can Key keep on producing such quality anime ever since Air? Anyway, Angel Beats has got to be the most intriguing show I have ever watched. The storyline is so unique, it’s almost on the borderline of reality and imagination. Only a genius can think of such plot and flow. It’s just amazing. I’ve really got to watch more of Key‘s works. I’m hearing Rewrite will soon get an anime adaptation, yes?

The OP (My Soul, Your Beats) is just great (sung by the wonderful Lia), but the ED is game-changer! I’ve been attached to the lyrics and melody and tempo of this song since I started watching it. You know how I get so engrossed with music in OPs and EDs. (Iwasawa’s song My Song is wonderful too. What vocals!)

Anyway, it’s a must watch for all Air, Kanon, and Clannad fans. It’s just the anime with the right twist in every step of the way!

What’s Up Next

Have finished Myself; Yourself (piano version with my friend doing the violin part in the guitar) and You Are My Love (piano too, with either vocals or the vocal notes on guitar).. Really sounds lovely.

I will be working on Clannad BGMs next as they sound really beautiful. n_n

If you like the music sheet of ’em (also the music sheet on BGMs of mostly Key Productions anime like Air, Kanon, Kanon 2006, etc.) then, you have to visit THIS SITE. They have everything. n_n.. Enjoy. ^^,

P.S. If you’re having problems with the site and you can’t click on the download links, then GO HERE instead. Then click on the anime folders to reveal the items. Those with filename.htm are the ones that you should open i.e. Shionari.htm (Shionari being the name of the file). After that, several links about the music below can be found i.e. JPEG, PDF, MP3, MIDI etc. ^^,

Bring some tears to your eyes

Clannad and the Main Characters

How this face clearly turns into…

This sweet and adorable one…

The anime Clannad, produced by Key, the one who also produced the anime hits Air and Kanon has brought up yet another romantic, harem, and very funny anime series Clannad. Centered by the characters Okazaki and Nagisa, whose lives are almost different at every part, tries to help each other in their lives – well I don’t want to expand this much. But according to what I have watched, which is just from Ep 1 to 9 only, they will meet a new character who will REALLY change their lives. And these changes will CERTAINLY, as in CERTAINLY bring tears to that rock eyes of yours. I’ve never cried this much from an anime so to those who wants an emotional breakdown, lol, do this instructions:

1. Wait until it gets dark [e.g. evening]

2. Close the lights, turn on the fan or your air-con.

3. Open your TV’s and DVD’s if you have the copy or open those desktops or laptops if you’re gonna watch the net.

4. Have your hankies ready.

5. Don’t mind any aspect of your life first. Understand the story.

6. Watch the series, even up to Episode 9 only ALONE. This will bring sentiment to the highest level. XD

7. Enjoy!^^