Let the past be not forgotten!

Since my last post was about Jyukai, the very reason this blog was up in the first place, let’s continue to bring back the past with two more of my favorites. 🙂


Lyrics : Manami
Music & Arrangement : Yoshiaki Dewa
Vocals : Jyukai

Before I knew it, it’s like as if you won’t disappear
I let you entwine our fingers, breathe in the same air, and sleep at a distance from each other

No one knows about tomorrow
That’s why I only keep on blinking, they’re burnt into my memories
Our time together, your actions,
I love you so much that it makes me feel uneasy.

Let me hear your words
Telling me, “You don’t have to cry anymore”, always
Let me hear it, that you’ll stay by my side more
Sing to me, until I fall asleep

Sometimes, you would show me your constantly quiet side
I’m happy about my complaints of it, that I’ve come to live for you

I’ll say “I’m truly sorry” with my immature love
Don’t think about things like being worn out
I’m a coward. Because, there is nothing else that I’m afraid of losing
More than you

Hey, embrace my body
Tell me, “You don’t have to cry anymore”
Hey, embrace me, like as if I can feel your body’s temperature
Sing to me, until I fall asleep

Because, the one who did so for me
I’m certain, yes, that it was you

So softly, like a cradle, it’s so warm being in your arms

Let me hear it now, with your voice, your words
Telling me about my sobbing self
Embrace me, strongly, strongly
Tell me, “You don’t need to have bad dreams anymore”
Will you sing to me? Until I fall asleep


Lyrics : Manami Watanabe
Music : Yoshiaki Dewa
Arrangement : Yoshiaki Dewa, Zentaro Watanabe
Vocals : Jyukai

Hey, I was able to think there is no such thing like a night that never turns to dawn
It’s because you were always there

“Don’t go anywhere, okay?” That’s how I strongly feel but
What could I do for you?

If I find a shooting star, will my wish be granted?
I wonder whether it will carry my unspoken words to you

“Thank you.” I want to convey this song to you from my heart
Because now, the feelings I realized are here with me
Leaning on your shoulder and having my fingers entwined with yours
The starlight that illuminated my clumsy steps

Hey, can you hear my voice calling for you?
Is it reaching into that heart of yours?

I found a shooting star under the same sky
So that I can protect your smile until the very end, forever…

The radiant, overlooked starlight in the clear, blue sky
I can’t say the words as well as my beloved feelings but
“Thank you.” I want to convey this song to you from my heart
Because now, I will never forget the feelings I realized


Final Fantasy XIII-2 Main Theme: The Case of A Filipino Singer

Looking at my friend’s post about having finished the newly released Final Fantasy XIII-2, I remembered I had to listen to the full version of the game’s main theme – both in English and Japanese. To all the Filipinos out there, in case you don’t know, Charice is the one who performed the English theme (while Mai Fukui for the Japanese theme). It was a proud day to be a Filipino and to be a gamer – I mean, finally, a Filipino in the gaming map! And it’s not just a game, it’s Final Fantasy!

Anyway, it’s not until I listened to both of them earlier that I realized that the English version is just the translated version of the Japanese one! I thought they are two completely different songs – guess not.

Here is Charice’s version:

Here is Mai’s version:

So while listening to both of these videos, I read the comments for both videos and immediately noticed a rift among the fans – is the English version better? Or the Japanese version?

Having listened to Filipino female artists ever since and having listened to a considerable amount of JPop songs – I must say that each of the pieces above reflected the music culture for each country they represent. Filipino female singers are known to have excellent power and control over high pitches and this is demonstrated perfectly by Charice. I noticed that there are only a few artists who can do this in the West, thus her popularity there. If you will listen to other Filipino artists (e.g. Sarah Geronimo, Rachelle Ann Go, etc.), the same characteristics can be said.

Moving over to the Japanese version – I must say it remained true to the characteristics of most of anime/game themes – delicate, gentle notes, and emphasis on the musical accompaniment. This type of music is more relaxing than the former, but coupled with a fast-paced game like this one, I’m not quite sure if it fits well.

In my honest opinion, I can’t really choose between the two as of the moment. My tendency is that I will choose the Japanese version any day, but there’s something in the English version that’s just too good to pass up. In the end, it’s just a matter of preference. Both pieces are great and all but a distinction in style and execution separates the two uniquely.

Let me know what you think! Do you prefer the English or the Japanese one? Why?

Final Fantasy XIII-2 was released in the west last January 31. Here is the official trailer:

CLARA C – Art in my Heart

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It was a delayed holidays present to myself, but it was well worth the wait. Clara’s debut album finally reached my hands – which was a little overdue actually. I was supposed to grab this way back December 1 when she held her solo performance (albeit with Charles Tan) at the Music Museum – but they ran out of stock! Luckily, they offered to have one shipped “in the next few days”. Days turned to weeks and turned to a month – until last Friday, I received a claim slip for a package that has just been shipped. Without a doubt in my mind, it had to be this. 🙂

The art in the cover (no pun intended) is very… hmm, how I say this, Clara-like? It featured some of the instruments the talented gal can play. I’m just wondering why her world famous guitar wasn’t in the box art. In any case, the CD package contained a lyric book and a little note to all her fans – which is extra nice! I could imagine her actually saying those words having met her in person, and I could tell that she really meant it.

After listening to all the songs a couple of times, I must say that there is something that is being overshadowed by her enchanting voice – and that is – the lyrics of the songs, especially Fool’s Gold and Dear Daphne. I’m not quite sure if she’s the one writing them, but I believe she does. These two instantly became my favorite in the list (along with Heartstrings), and it’s easy to tell why:

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