3-11: 3 Years On

Three years ago, the world saw how devastating a 9.0 earthquake (and the succeeding tsunami) could be. It even struck at the “best” place that it could hit – a place so protected and well-armed against such disasters, no one ever thought something like that could ever happen. Certainly not at that magnitude and scale. What more if it hit elsewhere?

Just overnight, tens of thousands of people died, several thousands were injured, and towns were literally flattened. Up to this day, a couple of thousands are still missing and an uncountable amount of people still in grief and disbelief. The horror must have been truly out of this world.

But, it is not the end of the story. For there is hope. The rebuilding ever since that day has been really exceptional and the support received from all over the world was immense.

To conclude, there’s just one last thing that I wanted to remind all of you. Just… don’t forget! Let it forever be in our memories – a time of destruction and a time of revival. While there is hope, life goes on.

Let me leave you then with my favorite clip as I have posted 2 years ago. がんばって!


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