The feeling of air being pulled out of your lungs but not wanting to inhale nonetheless.
I kept on waiting even just your shadow to appear by the doorway.

That dazed, numb state where you try to pull yourself out, but nothing to hold on to.
The scent of you remained on my room, circulating ever so slowly.

The mind separated from the body. Thoughts wander but the figure lingers.
Memories are piling up one against the other, stacked up higher than the ceiling.

The slightest drop of a tear becomes an inconceivable idea.
I sing a song for you as I wish that my fleeting voice reaches you somehow.


Recently, I have been writing very gloomy pieces. I apologize if this makes you down or something, but my words are my heart. I do know however that at the end of the day, nobody really wants to be alone and depressed for all eternity. I guess we can take it one step at a time and just… laugh, love, and smile 🙂 

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