I succumb to the great chaos that is life

What do you live for if not for dreams?

You dream of a story that’s never been written
You dream of an ocean that’s not yet explored,
Of kingdoms and castles yet to be revisited
And treasures waiting to be revealed.

You dream of secrets meant to be told
You dream of inventions unraveling the world
A thousand dreams and a thousand delights
They all make up your optimistic nights.

You dream of tales coming true
You dream of miracles happening for you
A life where all you’d ever do
Is wish and it’s there for you.

But life’s too hard for me to go out
So I’ll be taking a different route
It’s back to bed, for me to sleep
A dream once more, I wish to see.

I know, the last stanza completely sucked and is completely opposite of what’s been written so far. Apologies for that – I don’t feel so good today so I had to drag this whole poem (which I started writing a few days back) down to the ground. Wahaha! 😉


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