Happy Birthday, Hanamuke!



So we’re at that time of the year again! It’s Hanamuke no Merodii‘s 6th birthday!! Congratulations!!!

Since this is somewhat a special day for the both of us, I can try to be very optimistic and all but things look dimmer at the horizon. I haven’t written anything in ages, even though I did promise to change that several months ago. Believe me though, I’m still trying to figure out a way to change all that – I’ve tried changing my mindset and even my environment back to how it was – but it was never the same. It’s a past that could no longer be recovered. Which brings me to my question – why is there a need for revive the fallen when a new one can be born?

Anyway, this discussion can go on forever and it will still be a rhetorical question – and I’m not willing to go in any deeper – not at this topic, not anytime soon (what a subtle way to evade the situation -_-“). The good thing is that I’ve never given up, and you certainly never did as well.  Thank you for that.

But what I can tell you is that this year has suddenly become different from the past ones. It will be very different from now on… Hanamuke, I wish I can tell you everything but there’s always a place and time for everything. Soon, you shall know.

In any case – this is just me dropping by, waving at you, and constantly hoping and praying that we’ll go back to where we are before. I guess that’s just my sickness and my curse – I do not welcome change.

Again, happy birthday and many more to come!! Talk to you soon.

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