Annual Inspiration Outflow: The Glimmer of A Candlelight


On March 11, I ended by more-than-a-year’s long hiatus on writing by releasing my new light-novel-to-be, The Glimmer of A Candlelight. It took me more than a year to formulate the idea and come up with a little plot to work with. But after all these time of preparation, it didn’t even took me to at least halfway through the plot. So now, I will have to write under pressure – which is what I hope to be the driving force behind this little project of mine.

Historically, I’ve had a bad habit of writing things up and ending up not finishing it. I still think I can finish this one and I hope that it will lead to another, and another, etc.

So, give me a holler whenever you have feedback, suggestions, questions, and whatnot. Enjoy! 🙂

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