It’s My Birthday! – Hanamuke

Before anything else, I can’t believe it’s been more than a month since I last posted something here! I deeply apologize for that. =;=

In other news, I wasn’t able to keep my promise to bring in more content and insight to my blog this year. I think I promised that exactly 1 year ago – but I guess promises really are made to be broken. But I’ll make it up this time around (as in exactly in this post. LOL).

5 years ago, I literally can’t get off my bed because of a stubborn fever that kept me from doing anything else but sleeping. So I grabbed my roommate’s laptop to look for something to pass the time and guess what, I stumbled upon a music blog that’s so eloquently written, it actually motivated to make my own! Hence, the birth of this little space of mine. I initially created this to post updates on Jyukai 樹海, as well as blabber about some fandom rants. Several years since then, this blog actually evolved into a more anime/personal/sports/music/absolutely-whatever oriented blog, which is way better than it initially was. This became my outlet for everything I felt like pouring out to the world when no one seemed to care. At some points in this blog’s timeline, I had actually considered closing this one down. If that was continued, that would have been one of the greatest regrets of my life.

Now that the drama’s out of the way, I’m just looking for more fruitful years with this blog o’ mine, and I really hope to produce more content and thoughts along the way. To all the readers, passers-by, and haters alike, thank you for sticking around! 🙂

Happy Birthday, Hanamuke!

******IN OTHER NEWS******

I have been watching (and re-watching) a lot of Fairy Tail recently – it really has a great story line (as well as plot and twists) for a Shounen manga/anime. Also, a lot of its music has been instantly added to my MP3 list. Fairy Tail boasts a great list of OPs and EDs and it’s a definitely a big plus for me. The animation, voice-overs, and effects are of a great quality too, so I’m finding it hard to spoil myself by reading the manga. I guess I’m sticking with the anime.

I’ve also finally grabbed a copy of Hoshi ni Ou Kodomo, as well as the first few episodes of Little Busters! and Code:Breaker. If I find the time, I’ll definitely be watching them as well.

Lastly, I managed to continue writing down my plot for my light novel, but due to my unstable work conditions, I haven’t restarted again since last Wednesday midnight. Several hours later (of not writing), another 7.3 earthquake struck at the eastern coast of Japan. *sigh* Is this a sign?! But – I will definitely finish it – before 2013 ends, that is. 😛

Please continue to look forward for it.

Ciao for now! 🙂


2 thoughts on “It’s My Birthday! – Hanamuke

  1. Hehe looks like the both of us are having a bit of trouble making regular updates seeing as real life seems to inevitably occupy and dominate most of our time nowadays. Still, I guess it doesn’t hurt to relax now and then, and reminisce on why we started blogging in the first place. 🙂

    Happy Belated Birthday to Hanamuke and Happy New Year to you! Cheers to another awesome year ahead! 😀

    • Hey Keiri! It’s been a while. I hope you’re doing well! 😀

      Thank you so much for dropping by! And yeah, real life sucks – my blog is starting to collect dust – but she’s still alive and kicking. 🙂 May we have more productive blog-years ahead, indeed. 🙂

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