A Review on Blog Stats

Soooo…. this is the first time I’ve ever done this. I’m quite fascinated by the way WordPress presented the data, so let me just share with you how this little site o’ mine here generates traffic (click on the images to view its full size).


Views per Month

Average Views per Day

Top Posts (All Time)

Top Search Terms (All Time)

Top Referrers (All Time)

Top Views per Country (since Feb 2012)

Top Tags (not sure if this is all time)

Most Commented Posts

I’m quite humbled by the wide array of countries that my readership is coming from. Thank you for that! 🙂

It is also of no surprise that the anime topic gets viewed more since this is one of the main themes in this blog. Also, if you noticed, my posts (and consequently, my blog views) have steadily declined since the start of 2011. That’s when I got a job and have posted a LOT LESS than before – which makes me a sad panda. (P.S. I’m not really a panda). Hopefully, I can turn things around in the final third of the year.

So yeah, that’s just about it. Please look forward to another site that I will be opening up which is about my new writing. Please do support me in all imaginable ways possible so I can finish it this time around. 😉

Thank you all and see you in the cyberspace!


2 thoughts on “A Review on Blog Stats

  1. Ayus! They have commenter stats pa. 🙂

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