Hope Rekindled

To the farthest of seas…

I set foot on this shoreline with the vast ocean right in front of me. As the waves continue to rip apart the silence in this paradise, I let the waters caress my feet, pushing them deeper into the sand ever so lightly. I had wished to see more of this scenery, but it was a couple of minutes past midnight and the eyes without a light as bright as the sun can only see so far.

Resting on the waters, floating like a dried leaf, I am now under the mercy of this huge body of water. Frighten as I would like to believe, it is only tranquility and solitude I felt. The cold breeze immerses me in a deep slumber even though I am wide awake and with heightened senses. On top of me is a likewise dark sheet of emptiness – the sky whose entire dominion I could not grasp and purpose I can seldom fathom.

As I lie here, I can now truly understand how 5 minutes seemed so long here. With nothing meaningful to do, I waited for the elusive stars to emerge from their sleep. As more time flies by, little by little, these tiny specks of white dust began to emerge around me. They were behind me, in front of me, and in everywhere I see. Some would cuddle with each other, while others shine as bright as ever, just to show the others who’s the real boss. It is as if I could drown more from the twinkles of the stars than the depths of the ocean. They conversed with each other with varying gleams, sparkles, and flicker and it’s during this time that I ought to believe that they are alive – here – with us.

I could have sworn that this was (and still is) my idea of a perfect life, that this is how nature communicates with us, and that there is nothing more beautiful and serene as this moment – but my fate is cruel and my destiny is not here. I have ways to go before I end up here. So as my heart beats farewell to this transcendence, I shall make a vow to thyself – that I shall heed the call of what must be done so that this Utopia is not mine alone.

*The image above does not belong to me.


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