I can’t believe this has not stopped yet

I will be sharing a post that I have just recently read – but be warned though, as this could ruin your day (as it did mine). Read it here.

I have already expressed my disappointment at such articles in this post’s title. I checked on the “About” page of that blog, and it says that he/she intends to start intellectual conversations via the blog. Really? Intellectual? Not that I would like to defend the Japanese or the ones who made donations to them (may God light your path always), but please, if you’re going to attack something and want it to be intellectual… uhm.. Sigh.. I’m really at a loss for words. Can you please at the very least site some credible sources?

In addition to that, the last comment didn’t help his/her cause one bit. Please keep such comments to yourself.

EDIT: Thankfully, the author has already corrected the post. No harm done.


2 thoughts on “I can’t believe this has not stopped yet

  1. Whale Wars, most recent season. Not the most reliable source. And the last comment was a verbatim quote from my high school teacher. I forget why but a Japanese foreign exchange student (a good friend of mine, FWIW) made him mad and the old male teacher got 12 inches from his face and said it so loud the whole class could hear. This was in 12th grade BTW, we were all like 17 years old. I never forgot it. I was so upset to hear of the diverted donations I used it as it was the worst thing I could think of to say.

    Don’t take it personally, I am just a drunk american and think I know everything. I was actually upset as it was VERY hard to find whale meat when I visited Japan, apparently only a few prefectures eat it. And smuggling it into the USA would have gotten me into a LOT of trouble.

    • No harm done. Thanks for taking the time to clear things up and edit the post. Be mindful of posting next time though, as WordPress uses a really powerful tag reader feature – and even the slightest mistake could spread all over the world in just a blink of an eye.

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