My thoughts are with Fabrice Muamba

Minutes before the crucial quarter-final match between Spurs and Bolton, I prepared some food to eat so I can enjoy the game. It started off horribly unlucky for us which has seen Bolton take the lead with just 6 minutes into the game, thanks to another hapless marking in set-pieces. Thankfully, after Bale’s own goal, he made amends 5 minutes later with a delightful cross that Walker guided at the back of the net with his head – 1 apiece.

Minutes passed by and the game started to flow evenly for both teams, with chances back and forth either way. But at the 42nd minute mark, just when Bogdan was about to take the goal kick, Bolton midfielder Fabrice Muamba was found lying with his face on the floor. According to those who have witnessed it, there was nobody near him and he just collapsed. I think this excerpt from the Guardian‘s feed should explain it:

7.07pm For those who did not experience the incident when it happened, there were no players near Muamba when he collapsed. Within 10 or 20 seconds it became apparent that something very serious had happened, and we soon found out that he had stopped breathing. He was treated on the field for almost 10 minutes, with a defibrilator used in an attempt to resuscitate him, before being taken off on a stretcher. Howard Webb took the players off the field, and the game was officially abandoned a few moments later.

The time that was written there is in GMT. White Hart Lane is dead silent for the next 10 minutes or so, with a couple of people chanting his name. According to the training staff of Bolton, he’s one of the fittest guys on the team, so everyone is still in a shock. The food I’m eating tasted bitter and I couldn’t even swallow it. ESPN coverage would not show the incident, but instead, showed almost all people in great pain and disbelief, may it be the players, the coaching staff, or the crowd. Some people were praying, some were crying, and eventually, he was stretchered off the field and taken to the hospital, together with team manager Owen Coyle and club captain Kevin Davies.

At this very moment, there have been tweets saying that they managed Muamba to get breathing again, but this is yet to be confirmed. What we do know is that even if we are not a fan, this is a matter of life and death situation and it’s nice to see that we are humans first before fans/rivals/footballers, especially after a couple of recent animosities shown in sports. The referee’s decision to suspend the match was, I believe, the correct move, and the behavior shown by the fans and the media is admirable.

What we can do for now is pray and hope that my next update is that he’s in a better condition now.

COYF! Come On You Fab! Hang in there!

I know I had to put this up either way:

UPDATE/8:04PM GMT: BBC, ESPN and Sky News are saying that he is somewhat stable now. Will update the links if I found one. Thank goodness!

UPDATE/8:11PM GMT: Here are the links to confirm: Sky News | Mirror Football | Telegraph UK


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