Fate/Zero Tops Blu-Ray Sales

According to the weekly Blu-ray disc ranking released by Oricon on Wednesday, 43,000 copies (rounded to the nearest thousand) of the first Fate/Zero box set of were sold in its first week of release, making it the highest-selling television anime Blu-ray box set to date. The set also topped the week’s overall Blu-ray release sales rankings. The previous record was held by the The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya box set, which sold 31,000 copies (rounded) in its first week.

The contents of the Blu-ray package include:

    Original editions of the first 13 episodes with extra footage and JPN/ENG subtitles.
    A collection of trailers and commercials, credit-less OP/ED sequencess.
    Fate/Zero Original Soundtracks Vol.1 CD by Yuki Kajiura.
    An original drama CD by Fate/Zero author, Gen Urobuchi.
    Fate/Zero Animation Material book with interviews and production material.
    English-translated booklet for the Material Book.
    Packaged in a box illustrated by Type-Moon co-founder, Takashi Takeuchi.

The catch here, however, is that the retail price is valued at 39,900 yen, which is around $480!!! Surely, it’s a bit unwise?! But the sales record says otherwise! Looks like ufotable has made a larger name for itself!

Sources: Oricon | Siliconera | ANN


5 thoughts on “Fate/Zero Tops Blu-Ray Sales

  1. Haven’t watche d Fate/Zero yet.. >.< I'm such a loser!

  2. Nah, you might want to delay it just a bit more.. 2nd season will be airing come April. So for continuous viewing pleasure, I suggest you start watching sometime around next week (or the week after that). 😛

    In any case, the novel is completely finished so if you’re into reading, you might want to try it..

  3. Buti na lang mababaw kaligayahan ko … masaya na ako sa simpleng DVD lang

  4. To be fair, the overall packaging quality is much better than the Haruhi movie.

    • Oh. I haven’t seen any of them personally, but judging by the buyer’s comments and the sales themselves, the whole package seems like a nice deal actually.

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