CLARA C: Live in Manila – December 1, 2011

I do not take credit of this image, but this picture is taken at the concert

December 1, 2011

The fiction I dreamt of is finally reality with you…

It was THE night when I realized how you can be out of words to describe what you had just experienced. No matter what adjectives and comparisons I use, nothing can compare to what about a hundred of us (or less) had felt that night.

Clara Chung, more popularly known as CLARA C or just CLARA, flew to Manila and performed in front of a surprisingly small crowd of Filipino fans at the Music Museum. I thought it will be another sold out given her other tours were sold out as well, but I guess she hasn’t blossomed yet in the Filipino landscape. But it’s never too late folks! 😉

To start off, we had to patiently wait in line just to get her album The Art in my Heart, only to find out that they had no more copies of it and that they had to ship it. 😦 I was hoping I can get a signed one, so I just bought another poster to have her autographed. Then, we relaxed at the auditorium, patiently waiting for that one voice that would fulfill the dreams of every individual out there.

At around 8:20 in the evening, a tiny, cute voice echoed in the whole area: “Why hello there, Manila”. What follows are heart-wrenching introduction of who she was. That whole introduction thing just made us realize how she is VERY quirky, funny, adorable, and [insert any amazing adjective here].

Charles J Tan started the show with 3 or 4 songs I think it was. He has a good, warm voice that’s very relaxing and pleasing to the ears. It was a great appetizer to the main course. Then, when he introduces the one and only LA standout, she appears from the darkness with a GameBoy(TM) at hand, showing it to everyone as if she was taking pictures of us. As this was happening, let me tell you that multiple jaws dropped at the same time! The gorgeous and charming CLARA is right in front of us! We were especially thankful that the seats were really close to the stage, making the performance more intimate.

She started things off with a few new songs (couldn’t remember some of the titles), but I know one of which is entitled Eventually, which is a beautiful song by the way. Then she sang ‘Til We Go on the piano then the much praised Rocketeer cover. On my right hand is a video recorder and on my left is a camera. You just couldn’t imagine how I managed to record and take pictures at the same time. 😛

Some funny and surprising things happen in between, like dripping water from the roof straight to her piano, the presence of Cesar Montano in the concert, and her stunning personality that just leaves everyone breathless… every second!

Then came a run of her released singles – The Camel Song, Heartstrings, and Offbeat. Aside from playing the piano and the guitar, she also showed us how talented she was by playing the harmonica-like instrument (for The Camel Song) and her famous wind piano (for Offbeat).

Just when she was about to say goodbye, she managed to pull off two more songs – one with a duet with Charles and another one – FISH, one of her latest singles. This was the last song of the night and my personal favorite. You can feel her emotions overflow in this one, like she’s really in love. I really like this song but it’s too sweet to my liking. 😛 Well, she did mention that she wants it to be a pure, sweet, love song like that of a wedding song.

At the end of the show, I am still dumbfounded, grasping for words to describe what just transpired. I could not think of many artists who sound better live than on her videos. “Her YouTube videos don’t do her justice”. We shouted for her, sang along with her, enjoyed the music, and prayed and hoped that this night would fade a little slower than usual. But alas, everything must come to an end, no?

Outside, we greeted her and have her sign everything but the kitchen sink, bid her farewell, took some pictures, and off she goes. It was so surreal. Her voice still echoes somewhere at the back of my head. No matter if it’s her angelic and enchanting voice, or her unique and unbelievable personality, CLARA managed to leave the Manila fans wanting for more (so probably next year?) I just hope that by then, her fans would have tripled, quadrupled because if not – then I’m afraid this wouldn’t be a possibility anymore. 😦

In the end, I managed to get 2 signed posters, her debut album that is still to be shipped, and one heck of an experience that will resonate in my mind for years to come. If my wallet was a little thicker that night, I could have even brought one of the eight remaining USB flash drives with her logo on it. It contained her album and most of her covers. Plus, it was 4 gig in size, so why not? Sadly though, I’m broke. 😛

You may click HERE if you wish to see the pictures I took. Please, please forgive the ancient camera I am using. :/

You may also click HERE to view HD pictures for a fellow fan who was also in the concert.

Meanwhile, click HERE if you wish to see the songs she performed that night, again from a fan. 🙂

So with that, let me leave you with the last song of the night, FISH.

If you haven’t heard her music yet, please do yourself a favor:

Nothin on You and Airplanes Mashup
You and I Both
Rhythm of Love

The Camel Song
FISH (song starts @ 4:07)

And, if for a reason I can totally understand, you fell in love with her and her songs, and you yourself has the means and the will to do it, then why not record a cover of one of her songs and you might spend a day with her in LA! 🙂 More details HERE.

Thank you CLARA. It was a night to treasure.

And oh, I’ll be waiting on that CD. 😛


I noticed that there are still no clean video of Dear Daphne in YouTube, so I created one and uploaded it here. Enjoy. My favorite song from the album. :>


4 thoughts on “CLARA C: Live in Manila – December 1, 2011

  1. you wrote it so well that i actually am listenin to the songs right now of clara 🙂

  2. I agree with Kay.. Love how you detailed your Clara C experience, and I’m now listening to her clean and warming voice.. 🙂 Wish I’ve known her earlier though.. But thank you so much for sharing! 🙂

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