Reviving the Inspiration

Finally! A blog post! 🙂

Also, for the past 7 months, I have only managed to finish 1 whole anime season. Can you believe it? 1 in 7 months??? Unacceptable. Anyway, I managed to complete Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 earlier this day, and I must say, it’s one of the best shorts out there. Knowing that Bones co-worked on it, I’m sure I wouldn’t be disappointed with it. In fact, it hit me quite hard.

Tokyo Magniute 8.0 is just an 11-episode anime about 2 siblings and a single mother trying to survive through a disastrous magnitude 8.0 earthquake centered on Tokyo. This is actually based on a theory that there is a 70% chance that an at least 7.0 quake could hit Tokyo in the next two years. Do take note that this anime was written before the great Tohoku Quake earlier this year.

The animation was not the best, but certainly not bad either. I guess this isn’t one of those themes that would require to have an outstanding animation to be applauded. The music was okay, and so as the voice actors. The thing that stands out here really is about the story and the realism of the effects of a massive quake in a metropolis as seen from the eyes of children. The last episode is quite remarkable, as well as some touching scenes here and there. For me, a 7.6/10 is fair enough.

With that, this brings me to my second topic – Nanowrimo. Even if I failed to win for each of the past three years, I don’t know why I kept on trying. Well, I guess it’s just a part of my personality. Music and words are what I breathe. So yeah, on November, I’ll be writing for the victims of the great Tohoku quake and the resulting tsunami. I really can’t finalize a plot yet, but I have some bits and pieces at the back of mind already. But I terribly need to gather information fast if I am to start writing on the 1st of November.

How about you, have you got yourself a plot yet? 🙂


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