No. Everything’s Not Fine

I can still remember it all too clearly for it to fade away anytime soon. Waking up very early in the morning, around 6AM I think it was – right after staying up until 4 just to enjoy the night with nothing to worry about. Had I known what we were about to found out way back October 3 last year, I would’ve cut my whole week in class just to be in Cabuyao, together with a friend.

It was at such a short span of time. We just met mid-2006 and yet, 2010 is the final year I got to know you more. Never again will I be able to talk to you, to share some laughs, experiences, and jokes. Okay not a few, but lots of them. Lots and lots of lots. But this is truly unprecedented. We have been exposed of the harsh realities of life too soon that we could not fully grasp it until now.

We got so used of you being around – whenever, wherever, and whatever we’re all up to. You made everyone feel that they belong to someone bigger than themselves and made this dull Earth a happier place to live in. As I write at this very moment, memories of you came roaring out of my mind, and if I could just take a screenshot of every moment that I can remember with you, this message would have been as colorful as the rainbow is on the hopeful sky. But for now, let’s leave it at black and white until we can find that rainbow amidst this dark cave. We will see through it until the end.

You left us with fond memories of you and it will always stay on our tails, so that if we felt like missing you, we’ll just grab them knowing that they are still following us – wherever. If the time comes that we get to meet again, I will make sure that I will repay you the things that you bequeathed to us back there on land. I will fill your memories with the friendship that you missed back there. I will make you feel like you were never gone. I’m sure the rest will do the same.

Until then.

Lots of love,



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