Year-End Post

So yes, here we are again! The time of the year where every person is kind and generous – Christmas. But then, let us not forget the very reason why we are all celebrating this in the first place. Let us spend an hour in the church to say our thanks to a magnificent past year. Merry Christmas to all! 🙂 Merry Christmas to my blog as well, whom I have spared very little time with. I actually regret every moment I wanted to put up a new post, but did not materialize. So I’m giving my all in this post. Well, not really. Just a little. Haha. But at least, I tried. Hahaha.

I have been very busy lately – couple of projects from major subjects, thesis, reviewing for job interviews, etc. My projects are doing well and my thesis is almost done (except the documentation proper). However, I am actually worried for my incoming job hunt. I don’t feel like I have the sufficient knowledge to be able to propel myself into greater heights. All I have now is booming confidence and motivation. (Yes, finally, motivation!) I had my very first job interview last week in Ascott Hotel, Makati for a semi-conductor company (Toshiba). That includes 3-layers of interview, which when passed, gives one the chance to work in Japan! How’s that for a dream job? 🙂

Anime-wise, I can’t believe I still haven’t finished even the first season of Honey and Clover! It’s not that I don’t like it, but I’m afraid that if I watch even two episodes in succession, I might lose track of time. However, I have managed to finish watching Giant Killing, and it was great!  A superb combination of sports, entertainment, and thrill indeed! It’s a must watch for football enthusiasts. I might actually create another review in the not so near future. Hahahaha. 🙂 [I can’t wait for Makoto Shinkai’s next film!]

I’m also enjoying the tabs I found for the songs of SCANDAL. The tabber(s) did an amazing job (from SCANDAL HEAVEN forums) and it’s such a pleasure to play and sing their songs. They are as great as ever! On the other hand, Jyukai haven’t had any updates recently (industry-wise), so it’s a bit sad. If you have any news about them, could you please update me? Thank you so much!

After the New Orleans Hornets started out the season with a bang, they are freely falling right now. Well, at least the Atlanta Hawks are putting up a decent fight. Tottenham Hotspurs are also fantastic this season (especially Gareth Bale and of course, my favorite player Rafael van der Vaart). Lazio, likewise, are doing an incredible job in the Serie A this season (with the reborn Mauro Zarate and great signing Hernanes). Sevilla… uhm, well.. I’d rather not talk about them.

That’s it for now I guess. See you again next time.



One thought on “Year-End Post

  1. Merry Christmas and Best Wishes to you in all your endeavors! 😀

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