Start of the End

Apparently, yes, this will be the start of the end of my magnificent, if not ‘almost perfect’ school life. In three weeks time, the second semester will start and from that day on, it’ll be less than 100 school days left (if I’m not mistaken). In lieu of this, I wish to enjoy my dying days as a student in ways I haven’t done before (but heck I’m just saying this. Wonder if it’ll really happen..) Anyway, I just want to enjoy and enjoy. My college life was certainly a blast because of dormitory life. It’s such a bliss having your friends with you the whole day, bumming and playing around.

When I first entered college, I thought things are gonna change, ‘cos ♫nobody said it was easy♪. But no! It was actually made easier because of the life waiting outside school! Now, I can’t even imagine myself living away from the comforts of our dormitory area and start living in the reality that is the huge, cruel, unfair world. But I guess that’s just one stage of life we all have to overcome. A new world awaits. It may take a little bit of time before I freely accept it though. I need a transition.

Meanwhile, our close friend Andre Maraña passed away last October 3 from a very unfortunate car accident. I do not wish to jot down the details here but I will be at peace when I get a sign that at least he’s very happy to where he is now – ‘cos that’s what exactly he deserves. ‘Til we meet again, Dre. 🙂

Also, today is the 17th of October. That means there are 13/14 days left before November. That consequently means that ^$*(&@)(*<>?! it’s NaNoWriMo already! Dang! I still have no clear idea what to do with the plot I had in mind but it’s still a very big picture and it badly needs details REAL SOON. I had joined this event 2 years ago and for those two attempts, I did not won (meaning, I did not manage to complete the 50k goal in a month). However, I am even more determined to win this year, as I will be dedicating this one to Dre.

This year, I’m planning to write about how a bunch of teens/college students overcome a tragedy in their own lives (each member has their own moment to forget) and use this as a springboard to their success (that’s their goal). They will meet each other (destined? still don’t know about how, when, where…) and they will find themselves liking the same type of music (I will probably change this.. or just liking plain music is fine, i guess) and that they themselves can actually play it, thus forming a band. Together, they will struggle and enjoy the life as a full-pledged band. Will they make it in the bright lights, or will this be another of their disappointing life chapter?

Hey, whaddayaknow? That’s a pretty good introductory paragraph. Haha. Anyway, I PROMISE to start snowflaking the details on or before Oct 20 (11 days from the start). I’ll be needing LOTS and LOTS of inspiration and motivation. If you have extra, could you please send them to me? THANK YOU IN ADVANCE. 🙂

(Hoorah for van der Vaart! Great form for Spurs. Lazio doing great as well. Forza Lazio. Sevilla, uhm.. I hope they can turn things around with their new manager. Let’s go Sevillistas! :D)

That’s it for now. Will update here details for my upcoming novel. 🙂


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