I Will Not Celebrate Anything..

..until my friend recovers.. Or at least have woken up. Dear Lord, I’m sure the doctors are doing their best to help him. I pray to you in my utmost sentiments that please, do help him too.

I.. just can’t believe something like this would ever happen.. So unreal….

I really, really, REALLY hope you get well soon my friend. ‘Cos if you don’t, oh I am so gonna get mad at you!


2 thoughts on “I Will Not Celebrate Anything..

  1. Everything in life happens for a reason, sometimes things like this is unexpected and upsetting but you can’t blame someone else (even the lord/god whoever it might be) for something. It wasn’t his /her fault. Things just happen. I am sorry you are “grieving” for your friend. It seems that you are very religious and the most I can say is to keep praying. Keep sending good thoughts to your friend. The more positivity the better , the more negativity sometimes isn’t the best thing.

    I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.


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