Fire Moves in Mysterious Ways

Lt and I were just playing Warcraft games around 7:20PM. We finished the game, and I took my usual breather outside – just to inhale fresh air. Lo and behold, a thick layer of smoke is escaping from somewhere I can’t tell and literally, we can’t breathe that much. It was just about a minute after that when we realized that the fire was coming from our dormitory building! Luckily though, the fire didn’t escape that unfortunate unit. Having caught fire in one room is one thing; spreading the fire is another. Thank God it didn’t spread!

Seconds later, two firetrucks arrived and shouted on us: “Bumaba na kayo jan. Umalis na kayo. Labas!” That was the only time we realized that it was a serious matter. Then, minutes later, all was calm and put to a halt. There was a total of about 8 firetrucks in our street, along with the usual problems with us Filipinos – usiseros. Can you imagine people taking pictures with their friends in firetrucks? If I were the owner of the unit, I’d smack them right in the face!

Anyway, thank God nobody got hurt and no major damage inflicted. (Aside from of course the unit that burned down).

This is a night I will never forget in my entire life. One of the most memorable college experiences ever.

This ain’t no fire drill. Reality kicked in.


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