OMG Key!

How can Key keep on producing such quality anime ever since Air? Anyway, Angel Beats has got to be the most intriguing show I have ever watched. The storyline is so unique, it’s almost on the borderline of reality and imagination. Only a genius can think of such plot and flow. It’s just amazing. I’ve really got to watch more of Key‘s works. I’m hearing Rewrite will soon get an anime adaptation, yes?

The OP (My Soul, Your Beats) is just great (sung by the wonderful Lia), but the ED is game-changer! I’ve been attached to the lyrics and melody and tempo of this song since I started watching it. You know how I get so engrossed with music in OPs and EDs. (Iwasawa’s song My Song is wonderful too. What vocals!)

Anyway, it’s a must watch for all Air, Kanon, and Clannad fans. It’s just the anime with the right twist in every step of the way!


2 thoughts on “OMG Key!

  1. Angel Beats has a very original, unique and radical concept I’d say. I definitely enjoyed all the slice-of-life aspects of it e.g. the back story of each of the characters, although I felt the execution of the story became slightly inconsistent and rushed towards the end. Nevertheless, I’ll always remember it for its plus points – touching camaraderie between the characters, heartrending and compelling histories (I absolutely loved the episode dedicated to Yui), and last but not least, great music and insert songs. 😀

  2. The rush of the arcs of the characters was inevitable – having only 13 episodes and all, but I think it truly delivered. I mean, how can you think of a plot with characters being hurt badly and not dying? Do the other Key visual novels had the same uniqueness in their plots?

    Music within anime is always a plus for me. Not only does the anime have plenty of them, but they sure are of high quality! The characters are also easily likable, which is great.

    I’m looking forward to more Key greatness in the VERY NEAR future HAHA. 🙂

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