Oh Pakistan!

In case you don’t know, Pakistan has been suffering from what has to be the worst natural calamity-related disaster in the modern era in their country. I’ve been listening to the news about the events there and it’s just unbelievable!

Pakistan has been experiencing rain and flooding for about a month now. Can you imagine how long is that? It’s like the story from Noah’s Ark. More than 20,000,000 people have already been displaced due to excessive flooding! The flood has already claimed 1639 lives – possibly more! The families who survived the tragedy can’t make of what they have left now – especially since some or even most of them are still recovering from the wars (Taliban) last year.

People who have been evacuated badly needs help. Some of them get sick and die – dehydration, sickness, anything! Most of them have not yet received any help or donations, mainly because of the accessibility to the area. Until now, about 20% of Pakistan is still underwater! The main river there has reached its highest level since 1956. Also, they (evacuees) all terribly lack resources and the necessities for everyday living!

There are already thousands of UN agents on the ground in the area, but it’s really not enough. (UN agents say though that about $1B has already been given or pledged for the country – which is good enough FOR NOW). If you have any questions or want to donate in kind, just go to http://www.cnn.com/podcasting. The guys there might help you out. They need all sorts of water purification at the moment so they can make use of the water that is present everywhere.

Good thing the forecast for the next few days for Pakistan will be a bit sunnier than usual. The following pictures I have taken from Google – I do not own any of them. Oh God, this pictures looks just like Hurricane Katrina. What we can only do now is pray for the victims of the disaster.

Moreover, here’s how you can help: click this link.

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