Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace

You know, we should all be blessed that we can actually speak. God gave us mouths and vocal chords so that we may bring out what’s inside our minds, what’s inside our hearts. But can you imagine how we can convey these thoughts if we are unable to speak anymore? Say for the mute people. “Then how can mute people love?”

After watching Windstruck and More Than Blue (A Story Sadder than Sadness) in a span of a week, it left me with two important thoughts:

1) We are never sure what awaits us in the after life. That being said, (this might be a cliche but anyway) it is important to live life to the fullest. What if we die tomorrow? Then we bring with us thoughts we held deep inside in the afterlife. Moreover, what if the one we loved is the one who died? Surely, regrets will keep flowing like water in a river. You will forever feel the pain of not having said to her what he/she really means to you. Even if you will hurt either one of you, at least there was happiness – and that’s all that really matters. So speak up, pal. Before it’s too late. Or hold your feelings for all eternity. In the afterlife, we don’t really know if we’ll ever see that special someone again.

2) We have all been blessed with a fruitful life, especially having free will over all our decisions. Sadly though, we have an extremely short one. So make sure that everything you do is according to what you desire, to what you dream of, to what will make every minute of your life worthwhile.

So anyway, those were two great movies, but More Than Blue gets my vote by a mile. A great setup and a great story indeed. Plus, I like its OST. Can anyone give me the title and the artist of that song? Thanks. (And was Windstruck‘s OST Tears by X Japan?)

Lastly, this is a note to myself.


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