I should have..

..posted this yesterday, but laziness got the better of me once again.

So as usual, I was watching CNN this past weekend and oh boy, the news were devastating again! North-western Russia has been ravaged by wildfire, destroying lots of houses and I think about 28 were reported dead that time. Temperatures over that area reached 35 degrees Celcius! Whew, and I think that heat could only be possible here in the Philippines.

And then right after that news, I also learned that there was a tremendous storm and flooding across Pakistan. This one was monumental – about 4,000+ homes destroyed, 47 bridges down, and more than 800 people dead. Lots of countries have already sent reliefs and help, but they can no longer replenish the lost lives, both the living and the dead.

And then moments later, the president of Venezuela reported that they were all ready for a possible war with neighboring country, Colombia.

SERIOUSLY. What is happening with this world? Has it been like this for the past decade? Score? Century?

The world needs a change – for the better. And no matter how cliche this may sound, but it must start with YOU. With ALL OF US.

*Photo not mine.


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