Giving up?

When is it okay to quit?

Never? ‘Cos quitting is for losers? I’d say I already heard that line a couple of million times already, and I’m getting really tired of it. So you sit down and list down the pros and cons of quitting that something you never thought you would ever give up.

Then suddenly, you felt the urge to just say… I quit. It’s either you lose all the motivation in your work, or you lose the reason you’re fighting for, or you feel that all hope is gone, or you lose some technical ability needed to do it, or you just quit for the sake of quitting.

That last point – quitting for the sake of quitting. If you can choose to continue with what you’re doing just for the sake of not quitting, then why can’t you just choose to quit just for the sake of not continuing? Quitting is not entirely bad in textbooks, or has there ever been a written (or even passed) literature linking anything with quitting and being a “dire loser”.

In my case, I’m quitting the things that do not urge my passion to flow anymore. However, I’m not saying that I will not resume with what I’ve been doing. It’s just that I’m quitting.. for now.


One thought on “Giving up?

  1. It’s useless to continue things that won’t work.

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