Within Weeks..

.. summer vacation is over! That was fast! @_@ Anyway, here are the things that kept me alive until now:

NBA Playoffs

Geez, it’s another match-up between the C’s and the Lake-show. But I guess this series will be exciting… I guess. Rondo has been the All-star for the C’s, dictating the tempo for their team quite nicely, while Pierce is back on the groove since hitting that game-winning shot against Miami on Game 3. On the other conference, I can’t believe Artest hit lay-up on Game 5! I was jumping when Richardson hit the three, but I guess their weakness showed once more in the dying seconds, failing to box-out Artest inside. Anyway, I’m a little hopeful for this one. My prediction, uhm… Celtics in 7. Yep, I think it’s that close folks! (;

South Africa 2010

This is it! The moment of glory! Where every football fan in the world will be watching! It only happens once every 4 years, so this is definitely a must watch series of fixtures! In any case, I will be rooting for The Netherlands. Hope they do well. (Errr, is van der Vaart in the provisional line-up?)

Nana (2/3 done)

This series is climbing up to my personal charts as each episode progresses. At first, I thought this series is going to be a slice-of-life with a little drama and comedy. But mehn! It’s getting deeper and deeper that I’m getting addicted to it. The problems keep on complicating and to think that in reality, it is realy possible. I feel pity to those who are like Nana (or Hachiko to her friends). In any case, it’s a definite must watch for band lovers and slice-of-life/drama lovers! And I’m loving Olivia Lufkin more and more and more and more… I thought A Little Pain was great, but then came Wish and Starless Night. Somehow, her voice seems nostalgic, though I can’t find the explanation why. It’s just me anyway. In any case, must.watch.next.episode.soon. >____<

EDIT: Wow!!! It has a live action! Wooooooooot! This is a must watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >__________________< Apparently though, the reviews do not recommend it. >_>

Suikoden Tierkreis

Wow! I absolutely loved this game!(I am biased towards Suikoden games) Only thing is that: a) The ending was quite disappointing (I lacked 1 Starbearer so I didn’t get the chance to see the real ending); and b) Only 4 members per party. What happened to 6? Sigh… Anyway, if it’s Suikoden, then it’s <3. Period. Must play for RPG gamers. Heck I even shed a tear at times and the story was very engaging; probably even better than the usual political tensions theme. Just don’t get irritated by the Hero’s voice though as he speaks reaaaaaaaally fast at the start. Enjoy the game! ^^ Plus, the soundtracks are absolutely beautiful, especially the ending theme, Tierkreis. The violin part and the quality of the voice of the singer were soothing and saddening. :\

Lots and lots of food and sleep

’nuff said.


2 thoughts on “Within Weeks..

  1. I’m currently taking summer classes and getting busy as of now. Maybe after this I’ll have some nice rest for two weeks before starting my senior year.

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