Code Less. Create More. Deploy Everywhere.

I attended a seminar regarding the Code of Partnership, Forum Nokia – Symbian WRT and Utilizing Qt Applications. At first, just like any other seminar, I thought it would bore me to the realm of nothingness, especially having started developing Android apps. Since it was Nokia, and that I have a personal bias against it, I assumed everything but the best in the said seminar.

However, the seminar was a blast! The title was very misleading. Good thing that here in the Philippines, it was a 3-day seminar. Weeee. We’ll be back tomorrow to learn the basics of Qt coding. Great, I really can’t wait!

The speakers from the Nokia Forum were great, but the speaker from Finland (will update details later) was exceptional. I enjoyed him a lot. He knew how to get the attention of his audience. Interesting topic + interesting speaker = WIN seminar.

Qt is a very object-oriented programming language/tool using C++. It may be incorporated with various languages necessary for your implementation of the applications, such as JavaScript, XML, SQL, HTML, etc. Code less because even the function linking is drag and drop capable! Create more because you spend less time coding and more time innovating! Lastly, Deploy Everywhere because it CAN run on any of its supported platforms (Windows, supported Linux, Mac, supported Symbian) without altering the code! Just plug and play (or anything similar)!

In any case, I’d like to continue discovering new things with this Qt. Looks powerful enough and promising to new developers like myself. 😀


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