Today, Love Begins <3

Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu.Masterpiece.And I’m speechless. 🙂

Never have I read a manga before in a straight fashion! As in all 44 scanlated chapters in one sitter! I can’t believe that was me. Goes to show hoes this series fares with the other series. You’ve just got to read it. Now! I command you! 😛

The feeling of goosebumps when you’re in love, the feeling of tremendous fear, feeling that something really bad will happen, and the cuteness of the series as a whole… Just the perfect slice-of-life anime. Worth your time, definitely. ^^

The following screen caps may spoil you. Proceed with caution 🙂 Oh, and I’m too lazy to crop the screen caps. Sorry for that. Please bear with me. XP

Lately, I’ve been spamming pictures eh? 😀

Hibino is just so cute. 🙂

Epic win. Scissors. 🙂

That should really shut her up. 😛

❤ ❤

ROFL. :))

I hate to say it. But here goes: Kawaiiii! n_n

I waited for this moment to happen..

And because of its unrelenting support from Japan, it will have an anime adaptation (OVA only I think), which is not bad really. JCStaff will be the one to handle it, though they have low budget and little time, I will still patiently wait for this OVA to hit our monitor screens. 🙂 Source: Here.

And here’s an extra:


One thought on “Today, Love Begins <3

  1. i really like this comic too hahahha

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