Just Now, I’m the Happiest Man Alive

‘nuf shown. 🙂

I’ve waited for more than 2 years to get a hand on one of Jyukai’s singles/albums. And now, that wait is finally over! It’s here! Their latest album jyukai Best ~Stairway to the future~ is just an awesome one. I’ll literally protect this with my life. ;P

Anata ga Ita Mori ~the brilliant world~
One thing is for sure here – the first edition of the song is better. I don’t know what they were trying to do here, but at least its a great attempt for them to do something else, especially in..

Kujou no Tsuki
where the beat is plain awesome, but not exactly my type. However, I do admire Jyukai’s pieces that was inspired by the 70’s or 80’s or something like that (like Himegoto). Manami’s voice here is quite low, just like when she sang Anata ga Ita Mori during the Animelo 2007 concert. It’s somehow soothing and relaxing. But what’s really soothing is..

Hikari ~kaisou~
Another remake, but this time, it’s Hikari, but it wasn’t a disappointment, certainly. Just like the extension name, ~reminiscence, it will make you stop and just plain listen to the song from start to finish albeit the different styles used in the song. I love this remake. How I wish I can have a copy of the music sheet. >< But what I especially love is..

Omoide ni Naru Mae ni
It’s definitely a trademark song from Jyukai, the one that I absolutely adore. Just listen to it. 🙂

Overall, it’s a must buy for Jyukai fans (duh?), and those mellow-rock genre. This is an unforgettable day, definitely. 😀


One thought on “Just Now, I’m the Happiest Man Alive

  1. Lol yeah, they totally ruined the anata ga ita mori.

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