Update Update

So yah, as the picture suggests, my PC is sick and now, it just won’t open properly, hindering my everyday life! How cruel is that?!

Without a PC, I can’t:

  • Write papers for homeworks, projects, summaries, etc.
  • Continue my quest for NaNoWriMo, w/c by the way is not doing so good (I’m delayed by a good 5k+ words)
  • Play games
  • Browse everywhere and anytime
  • View MIDIs and music sheets
  • Create presentations for projects
  • Can’t install needed softwares for school (and as a result, can’t study them either)
  • Can’t watch anime
  • and everything else that’s not mentioned here.

I really need professional assistance because as soon as it shows my desktop, it hangs up for an infinite amount of time. It’s okay if it already needs re-formatting but then, PLEASE SAVE MY FILES. Unfortunately, I don’t save ’em on D:/ or on some other partition. They are all there on My Documents. Argh! *sobs*



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