News anyone?

I’m in desperate need of Jyukai’s latest updates, especially whether or not they will have a new single released or not. Onegaishimasu! Arigatou ne. 🙂



Jyukai all the way! Manami!! ❤ 🙂

In any case, the first two days of the semester is not living up to my expectations – it exceeded them! I thought it’s gonna be real difficult and tiring and all, but guess what, it’s an understatement! Holy crap. Will have to strive harder and build up more patience as soon as possible. Ja ne. 🙂


2 thoughts on “News anyone?

  1. Re: Jyukai

    Nope, no new single. But they recorded a new song! 😀

    The new track is called “With…” and what do ya know… It WILL be used as the ED theme for the DVD/Blu-Ray release of “Fate/stay night TV reproduction I”. “With…” will be bundled with Jyukai’s best album called “jyukai BEST ~Stairway to the future~”; release date – January 20, 2010.

    Apart from that, the most awesome piece of news – “With…” and another song will be a collaboration between Jyukai and Tainaka Sachi! WOO HOO!! 😀
    The artistes of the song are stated as “Jyukai feat. Tainaka Sachi” so my guess is that Manami is in charge of the main vocals while Tainaka provides the back-up. The other ED song is called “Kumo no Kakera” (Fragments of the Clouds), and it’s performed by Tainaka Sachi feat. Jyukai. They mentioned that song will be released as a single but they didn’t state whose. It’s most likely Tainaka Sachi’s. Apart from “With…” Jyukai’s best album will also feature old songs with new arrangements.

  2. OMG. That’s a lot of info. Wow, I really can’t wait to hear those songs, especially with the collaboration with Tainaka Sachi. Wonder if she’ll include the uber high pitch of her voice hehe.

    The title Kumo no Kakera itself sounds so melodramatic. 🙂 This will be the longest 2 months of my life (waiting for the release of the said best album). Finally, new life for Jyukai fans like me and you. I absolutely miss their music. ><

    Thanks a lot! ^^

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