Life Update :)


Earlier this day, I went to school to register for the second semester. Lo and behold, it would be one of the worst days of my life since I could remember.

  • I arrived early at the enlistment class and just when the personnel printed my assessment form, it ended up an eternity for me. I waited for a VERY VERY long time! Other students have come and go, and yet there’s still no sign of my printed form! It took me more than 15 minutes before finally getting my hands on my form. (Stress O’ Meter: 20%)
  • Just when we are about to enlist in our classes, I found out there are actually 3 conflicts in the department class schedules! Not 1, not 2, but 3! Until now, it’s not yet fixed BS! (Stress O’ Meter: 60%)
  • I lined up for the payment of tuition TWICE! And it’s not even my fault! FK! (Stress O’ Meter: 85%)
  • I lined up for the ID Validation, only to find out that the line was not supposed to be there in the first place. So I had to line up again! (Stress O’ Meter: 90%)
  • I had a three game losing streak in FIFA. 😛 (Stress O’ Meter: 95%)

I just hope this sem will be as good, if not better, than the my last semester. 🙂

In any case, I also joined NaNoWriMo, and so far, my progress has been great (mainly because there are still no classes YET). I’m writing a little bit of fantasy-reality this time, but still slice-of-life/romance type. 😛 When I get the time to publish it again, please do read it. Comments highly appreciated. My last year experience was great, although I did not win. But this time, I’ll make sure it’ll be a WIN.

Anime-wise, I can’t find the motivation to finish Spice and Wolf 2, so yeah, I think I’m on the brink of dropping it. But “motivatedly” I will still watch White Album S2, Kimi ni Todoke, and Kobato. That’s for sure. 🙂

Sports-wise, the Phillies are fighting for their lives and I do hope they pull themselves together before the world witnesses another Yankee Championship. I’m getting tired of it. Utley for 3 HR in one inning yeah! Sevilla will have their UCL match later so yah, a win will secure their place in the last 16. Their table position is not so bad too, so I hope they continue it and improve even more. However, Aston Villa and Tottenham are not really performing well. Let’s hope they improve greatly sooner and later. Atlanta Hawks are in good form, but much to my demise, the Hornets aren’t. What a great disappointment. 😦

Also, I’m currently trying to play Kioku no Kakera in the piano. My goal before the this semester ends is to be able to play Toki wo Kizamu Uta. It’s very difficult, but I hope I get to pull it off. Looks like I’m also interested in playing Chiisana te no Hira, so we’ll see.

FIFA ’10 and NBA 2k10 are out in the stores now, so I hope I could play them real soon. 🙂

Jyukai, where art thou? I’m still waiting for your next singles. :[

Well, I’ll be busy writing my novel now: Princess of the Night. Please do look forward to it. Ja ne! 🙂

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