Thanks to that Half-Moon


Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora – I only discovered this anime while browsing the “Anime you might like” after watching Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, since both of them explored on love being complicated by illness. In a nutshell, Yuuichi is diagnosed with hepatitis, making him stay for a while at a local hospital in Ise, with a comic nurse, Akiko, looking after him. It turns out also that a girl named Rika transferred to that same hospital, but for a different reason – she has a severe heart disease. She might undergo surgery, it is more likely that she would not be able to make it. With this, Yuuichi has to make a choice, to live life on his own and pursue his dreams, or to stay with Rika – an unpleasant ending knowing Rika would just have little time to live.

The animation is cute, but it’s not worth mentioning. Although compared to others, it is quite considerable. As you can see, this is another slice-of-life anime, which I’m very fond of, so yah, if you like one, you have to watch this. The story is compelling, and it even uses lines from famous books which Rika likes.

The story is so good, they even made a live-action out of it. In turn, I might as well check it out. The ending was, umm, okay I did not expect it. Or rather, it kept on asking questions inside me. I wish there could’ve been a second season of the OVA >< But I guess it’s the best way to end this kind of anime.

The voice acting was at par – some scenes required greater emotions when delivered, but I guess Natsume-sensei, the doctor who is in charge with Rika, did pretty well, knowing that her wife suffered the same heart condition.


The opening and ending songs were really great. In fact, I can’t stop listening and singing to the ending song of Hantsuki. Kioku no Kakera by Noboku. As soon as I heard it, I already searched for the music sheet and practiced it for hours after that. But I’m not a good a piano player so it took a while before I can get the rhythm of the chorus. The melody’s great and the choice of both the OP and ED were very fitting for the anime. That aside, they could’ve placed some intense BGM’s along the way. You know what I’m saying, heh.


Overall, the series was great, and you will really spend the most of your 120 minutes of your life here. I know I’m being biased, but hey, this is my blog. I can say whatever I want hah! 🙂 8.3/10. I’m a sucker for good music. ^^
Somebody please tell me there will be a second season to this one. Hahaha. XD


For the sake of my life, I will be yours.

Meanwhile, please enjoy the ED, as much as I do. ^^

Here is an impressive cover of the song in guitar:

And finally, a piano version, w/c I’m practicing now:

*Again, I do not credit myself to the pictures and videos.


2 thoughts on “Thanks to that Half-Moon

  1. nagustuhan mo din pala ed song nun. ganda no? 😀 happy new year btw

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