Short Ranting 101


I’ve read a lot of posts all over the net saying that they despise the government, whether it be PGMA’s allotment of Php800M on foreign travels, or the uncoordinated work of the NDCC and the LGU’s, or the delayed responses and what nots of every agency of the government thinkable.

Well, if all you could do is hate them and write all your wretched ideas over other people’s business, which is the past by the way, then I’m sorry, but I believe there’s something wrong with you.

If the time you spent, or the money even or what not, was placed on either helping out, praying, giving donations, then your life would have been more worthwhile. Do you think you made the Philippines any better by doing those ranting bull**** messages over other people? Well, take a close look at the mirror my friend, people are dying and all their properties are gone. You still have your 7897945Mbps internet connection to post those rants while ALL their possessions are obliterated for good. If you still don’t get the point, you never will.

Start acting and stop shouting “For Christ’s sake what is the government doing. They’re just loads of a**es, that’s why we’re suffering.” Hello?! You think a storm that strong will not cause the Americans from being devastated? Remember Katrina? Guess not.

And you say that I’m contradicting myself that I’m also ranting. I’m doing this for YOUR sake. For you to be somehow, enlightened. If you do not know the meaning of that word, then search the dictionary then reflect on it. It only took me minutes to write all these and yet still find time to help at the best of my capabilities.

For those comments you made on your writings directed to the LGU’s, who are in constant help 24/7 and do not even care for their own safety (while regretting every second that they could have been more efficient), shame on you. Your college teachers would have given you A’s for those excellent report and analysis on the situation, but I will give you an F, even a G, H, or I, for failing miserably in life.



One thought on “Short Ranting 101

  1. Such situations happens everywhere. We can’t do anything but to ignore them and remind people around us to no doing that.

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