White Album


Another slice-of-life anime (which is probably the only type that I watch) is White Album. It has so much content in its “first page” but then…

Again, some spoilers ahead soooo, if you don’t mind reading some, then go ahead.

As I was saying, White Album easily destroyed all the potentials it had when it probably released its first two to three episodes. The story is about a high-school-college romance turned boy chasing girl because girl becomes idol and how the two would deal with the situation. Seems nice really, because in reality, this happens. However, the anime dissolves everything into this “compressed” anime and voilah! You got a totally mind-boggling series. Seriously, I almost needed supervision or interpretation from most of the scenes, ‘cos I was like “What the hell happened there?” frequently. It tried to imitate ef A Tale of Memories/Melodies being a romantic series that you will think about – lots of symbolisms and metaphors along the way, but still maintaining the integrity of the plot. However, White Album became so condensed that it was so mixed up (I think). Really, I watch anime because I want to feel (thus, my biased reviews >< ). There will be thinking every now and then, but this is too much.


Many of the characters were developed to help the protagonist Touya and some of them were there as antagonists, also to support him. However, everyone seems like antagonists to me, especially the despicable Yayoi (although I admire how she was developed into such a disastrous-Yuki over protective-character). Gawd, the more she protects Yuki the more she destroys Touya. Misaki was OK, but Akari. Damn, you’re being too obssessed with what you believe to be a “closer” relationship with Misaki to the point of actually hating Touya. Rina Eiji. How can you not like her? She’s true to herself and to others, and you really can’t blame her for some of her mistakes. She tried to help both and for me, she’s the real “Goddess of the Day” everyday. Haruka and Mana. Mehnn, why include these two. I’m sure the second season has much explanation to them. Touya’s father.. Wonder what happened to him. Perhaps, he slipped from the stairs? ‘Cos we only see him in a scene where his eyes were beginning to go. A little Clannad here, huh? Unsettled father-son relationships. Let’s just hope Season 2 explaines everything out (unless there is Season 3).


The animation was beautiful, and the way they put in words on the screen certainly adds an effect to those tiny conversations between Touya and himself. Again, it was a case of what-could-have-beens. So many of them… I’m not particularly sensitive to voice acting, so I guess it’s good. The OP and ED were great – moreso that Suara sang the ED. I was already inclined to her after being attached to Wasurenaide and now this Mai Ochiru Yuki no Youni. Both of them are easily likeable considering the anime context they are from. The page titles were intriguing, and will really make you think. Especially – “but the worst part is waiting…” and “because there is no more water in it…” You’ll see the full titles anyway. 🙂

Overall, the anime was a disappointment so far, and althroughout the series, I felt blank except for some ups and downs (which are extremely rare). The only thing they can settle this is through the second season. However, given the way they have expressed the first, I won’t be expecting much from this one. 6.9/10. There is really many pages within them that needs to be written, or else…

4The beginning has ended…

2 thoughts on “White Album

  1. I haven’t watched the anime yet, but the OP “shinai” by Mizuki Nana melted my heart.

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